We’d better do the right thing now!


Sometimes in this kind of business, we can have moments were our faith about Fab-Athensbecoming successful become really thin. That’s part of our job and it will always be like that, at least until your monthly income will start to be really significant.

But overcoming these bad moments it’s what really makes the difference between successful entrepreneurs and the mass of unsuccessful quitters.

Who are the majority of people worldwide.

Being a winner or a quitter only depends on each one of us. We are the only one responsible for our own success. In a business based on being the good example and starting the duplication process, the actions we do today are the ones our team will do tomorrow.

Confirming our EA or TL status each month is just one little step towards our success, as well as losing our rank is a little but secure step towards our failure.

Bear in mind that how good or bad our life will be in the future, it will depends on the decision and actions we take every day. That’s why we’d better do the right thing now! ; )

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