SFI, THE PLAN. How much can we earn with it?


I love THE PLAN released earlier this month.

Fab-AthensIn my opinion, to be even more effective, it should also include a clear table about how much we can potentially earn if we follow it as explained.

I understand perfectly that due to the nature of our business, the Company (SFI) cannot guarantee or make statements on how much anyone can earn. Just because this depends exclusively on each one of us.

But I love to play with numbers and plan my business depending on how much my team members and I, could possibly earn. This is a business, not a non-profit organisation, hence I think it’s absolutely legitimate to have first of all clear in mind how much we can/want to earn, and consequently perform the every-day tasks needed to achieve that specific ultra-motivating income.

That’s the only way people can really get fired-up and work day and night with faith, enthusiasm, passion and never give up.

My motto since I started working in Network Marketing is Seneca’s quote: “If one vento-a-favoredoesn’t know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable”.

We all experience this every day: when we don’t have perfectly clear what we are working for, we tend to do nothing and go nowhere. Any other thing becomes more important than our business.

Rather, when we can literally see where we’ll be in a few weeks, months, years from now,  we find an unbelievable power which allows us to sweep away all sorts of obstacles we could find on the way.

THE PLAN is really fantastic, but  again, it talks only about Ranks, AVP, SVP, etc., which for the majority of new Affiliates are meaningless abstract concepts.

I think the most tangible and simple concept to understand for everybody is this: “Dear spiegazione-chiaraAffiliate, here is how much you can potentially earn monthly if you follow THE PLAN, and what you have to do to make it work.”

We MUST be able to explain easily this essential concept, AND show actual figures.

So today I’ve been trying to translate THE PLAN in figures. I based my interpretation on facts and maths; below you can see the result:



  • You want 5 Diamond Team Leaders in your first generation.
  • Each VP currently worths $0.0004 (it could slightly increase or decrease in the future)
  • THE PLAN shows clearly 6 steps everybody need to perform; each step correspond to a new rank achieved. Each rank achieved correspond to a minimum of VP accumulated each month as showed below.
  • You can decide the growth pace of your downline. Es.: 1 new rank per year? 1 new rank per month?

QUESTIONS: “how could I build from scratch, in 7 years from now, a nice income of over $150 000 per year? Would it be possible to achieve the same goal in much less time, let’s say 7 months?”

THE PLAN IS THE ANSWER: here is the plan YOU have to follow AND teach to YOUR 5 BEST PSAs:

  • 1st month you qualify as EA with minimum 1500 VP
  • 2nd month you qualify as BTL with minimum 3000 VP
  • 3rd month you qualify as STL minimum 4000 VP
  • 4th month you qualify as GTL with minimum 5000 VP
  • 6th month you qualify as PTL with minimum 6000 VP
  • 7th month you qualify as DTL with minimum 1500 VP (and 5 PTL)

(if one month per step is not doable for you, you can swap the word “month” with the word “year”).

NOTE: I became PTL in my second month. Many other SFI Affiliates did the same. Hence no doubt the above is potentially doable.


  • Each EA  in your downline worths minimum 1500 VP = $0.6
  • Each BTL in your downline worths minimum 3000 VP = $1.2
  • Each STL in your downline worths minimum 4000 VP = $1.6
  • Each GTL in your downline worths minimum 5000 VP = $2.0
  • Each PTL in your downline worths minimum 6000 VP = $2.4
  • Each DTL in your downline worths minimum 1500 VP = $0.6


Based on the maths above, each person who follow and ideally complete THE PLAN shown above in 7 months, duplicating ideally one generation per month (or year), will enjoy the following minimum income:

1st 5 DTL 1500 7500 3$
2nd 25 PTL 6000 150 000 60$
3rd 125 GTL 5000 625 000 250$
4th 625 STL 4000 2 500 000 1 000$
5th 3 125 BTL 3000 9 375 000 3 750$
6th 15 625 EA2 1500 23 437 500 9 375$ YEARLY INCOME
TOTAL: 36 095 000 14 438$ 173 256$


If you know that your goal is to find those 5 Serious affiliates with whom you will build your (and their) financial future, these are the best things you should do daily (follow the links for more explanation):

1) Keep sponsoring new affiliates (s-Builder, PSAtoGo, Bid&Build Program, PSAs auctions, Team’s Co-op, are excellent ways to get easily all the PSAs you need for THE PLAN).
2) Follow them up
3) Discover the blooming workers
4) Teach them to do the same


Obviously, the plan explained in this way doesn’t represent a promise of earnings; it is a simple and clear plan everybody can follow in order to achieve a realistic and tangible income goal, based on facts and maths.

So, if you want to earn that specific income, you know exactly what kind of situation you have to create. It’s clear that the income shown above can keep growing with no limits as we earn up to 12th generations, not only the 6!lavoro-intelligente

If we could also have a special report, showing in real-time how our downline and income is growing every day, based on THE PLAN as explained above, it would be fantastic and even more motivating! Maybe our President will probably consider this in the future. Who knows? 🙂

Who is not willing to work day and night to achieve such a good income? Do you know any other plan which allows you to achieve the same kind of goal without having to invest big capitals?

Of course, if you guys don’t agree with these figures or you see some misinterpretation, feel free to post your comments.

Happy business!  : )

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