SFI News: The Extraordinary Adventures of PROSPERMAN!

Dear SFI Teammates, great news for you today!

Screenshot iPad Episode 3We finally started to release The Extraordinary Adventures of PROSPERMAN!: an advanced and unique follow-up video system for all your Affiliates, to help you increase the ratio of Active PSAs, while opening their awareness of the huge income potential they have as SFI Affiliates.

You can start to use this system now…FOR FREE! ; )

You just have to ACTIVATE “Prosperman Video Follow-up System” IMMEDIATELY!: as soon as you receive a “New PSA Notification” email, forward it without changing anything, to newsletter@prosperman.biz

Your PSAs will receive immediately a confirmation email to click and opt-in.

Once they’ve opted in, they start to receive a new amusing Prosperman 1-minute episode every 3 days.

This extraordinary service is specifically designed to help you increase the ratio of active PSAs and it’s brought to you by Proprofit FOR FREE!

It means that you don’t have to pay anything, to be able to enter all your PSAs in our robot system.

SFI Prosperman

How to build a $200,000 yearly income in 12 months, mathematically!

Your Affiliates will be followed-up and automatically informed, through the amusing video episodes of Prosperman, about the benefits of the SFI 12-month plan to financial freedom, and motivated to start right away to build a $200,000 yearly income in 12 months using their SFI Business.

Which obviously allows you to follow the 12-month plan to financial freedom more effectively too.

Do you want to see how the system will work for your PSAs? Test it yourself too! You can activate it here now: http://www.prosperman.net/why-sfi/

I am sure you will love this FREE exclusive service.

Happy Business and see you soon at Profit World!  ; )


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