My Path to success with SFI


I see on the SFI website, a lot of useful suggestions about how to qualify as EA or EA2 without investing any money at all. So, as I am one of the last to arrive in this wonderful SFI business, I think my suggestions about this same matter would be totally superfluous.

Rather, I’d like to make here some considerations about managing this business with the aim of producing big money. I really mean a lot of money, not just a few hundred dollars per month. Because I think that in order to get and hold, the great motivation we need to succeed in this business, we really need to be perfectly aware that SFI Business will change substantially our lives. In a few words we need to think big.

Otherwise what’s the sense of all this? If it were just for making normal money, we could look for a normal job. How could we be excited, fired up, just thinking about making a few tens or hundreds of dollars per month?

So, I think that those among us who are really serious and willing to make their life a wonderful life, those who want to be exempt of all those financial worries which could literally destroy a person’s existence, need to treat this business like a real business, not just like a kind of hobby. So the question is: do you know any profitable business in this world where you don’t have to invest and risk a lot of money to start-up and then to run it? I don’t.

Fortunately, SFI is totally different in the meaning that we don’t have to invest and risk “a lot of money”. Nevertheless, in my opinion, at least a few tens of dollars per month need to be invested. Why? Because what you actually want is to make BIG money to really enjoy your life. So let’s make an example here:

Let’s say you consider that for you, 10 000 (ten thousand) dollars per month will be enough to live the life you’re dreaming of. So, what do you need to achieve this (perfectly achievable) goal? You could check the SFI earnings calculator, but I realized that this beautiful tool purposely uses very conservative number, so that the amounts provided don’t appear unrealistically large. That’s why I prefer to base my income plans on the REAL NUMBERS I actually see in my Commission Reports for the previous months.

And believe me, what I see is just AWESOME!

Let’s start from three facts:

A) currently the value of each Versa Point is about $0.0005

B) The SFI “ultra-simple 3-step plan” teaches something that everybody in this world is able to do:

  1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month
  2. Recruit five affiliates
  3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps

C) An EA has minimum 1500VP and a typical CV (Commission Value) of (only) $20CV.

That being said, let’s say you decide to recruit those five affiliates and you teach them to create the same duplication within their first month. Then multiply the $ Versa Point Value for the total number of Versa Point generated by your EAs downline and you will see that in just 6 months you’ll achieve and surpass you initial goal of $10.000,00 (ten thousands dollars) monthly income:

Month EA2 Total EAs Total VP Monthly Income
1st 5 5 7500 $3,75
2nd 25 30 45000 $22,50
3rd 125 155 232500 $116,25
4th 625 780 1170000 $585,00
5th 3125 3905 5857500 $2.928,75
6th 15625 19530 29295000 $14.647,50

On top of this of course, there will be the extra income consequently generated by all the different stream included in the SFI Compensation Plan like: ECA Royalties, Direct Sales, SFIPPA (Pay Per Action) and SFI contests.

What could be the “obstacle” in this fantastic path to follow? It’s obvious: all kind of serious and reliable businesses, in order to produce earnings, need to produce at least a minimum amount of sales, need to move money. Otherwise they can’t be called “business”.

But here the good news is what you can also read in the earnings calculator: “Estimate is based on a typical CV (commission volume) per Executive Affiliate of (only) $20“.

This is Fantastic if you consider that part of the SFI business, is; one of the best “money-saving” online stores in the world. And it is YOUR Store! Exactly; whatever your PSA and EA2 will buy at Tripleclicks in the years to come, will produce a large monthly income for you, even if you’re on holiday or just sleeping.

So, what could these EA2 (…and yourself too) buy, in order to produce at least $20 in CV every month? The following is my suggestion:

  1. A TCredits 125-Pack standing Order for $36.25 per month = $19.43 CV and 1500 Versa Points
  2. A standing Order for 20 Personal Sponsored Affiliates for $50 = $6.50 CV and 488 Versa Points

TOTAL $25.93 CV and 1988 Versa Points!

Why do I suggest to ALL serious affiliates to choose these 2 products available at Tripleclicks?


Pricebenders Auctions

– TCredits 125-Pack for a very low cost, not only includes also 1500 VP which automatically qualify us
as EA2 every month, but also allows you to use the SFI main “product”; the fantastic Pricebenders Auctions which help you to save money and have a lot of fun.

– 20 Personal Sponsored Affiliates are fundamental in creating with no effort, no time, no risk, the duplication process we all need in order to follow the income path illustrated above.

Plus; as you can see, the total of CV and VP produced by these 2 products is higher than what is requested by this plan, to achieve that monthly income. Which means that even if the duplication process goes slower than expected, the monthly income won’t be much lower than our initial goal.

So, the moral of the story is: if you don’t have any other reliable, tangible and attainable strategy in place, which could lead you to earn more than $10,000 per month in 6 months, just accept the challenge, start treating your SFI business like the real business actually it is, set your goals, place your orders now, show your best Affiliates the same path you are following and NEVER, NEVER give up.

Enjoy the trip, because your destination definitely worth it.


P.S.: need more information? See now the 3-Step Plan Video

122 thoughts on “My Path to success with SFI

    • Fantanstic!
      Great is this ultra-simple 3-step plan. I hope to make the best out of it, to become one of the successful SFI Affiliates.

      • Hi! Fabrizio,
        Thanks a lot for the clarification.
        After viewing the video, and going through your posts on the 3-Step-Plan, I have got to understand why it’s very necessary to partake in it.
        As a newest EA, I’m going to re-act now, in order to get myself on the success path to a better Future in SFI.

  1. It is a really good workable idea and if we can follow it critically, we can land on something good for our lives.
    Thank you for that,Fabrizio, my up-line member.

  2. Fabrizio,

    I didn’t pay attention before to the CV. Thanks for that. I found your personal affiliates offer at Tripleclicks and I have bought two times now. It is much better than S-builder coop in my opinion. However, it says we don’t get any VPs; I didn’t get any. What I do is buy Tcredits, and with that I buy the PSAs. Thank you for this article. You make it more clear now for me. I think I was getting there, but needed that extra explanation and you did it wonderfully. Now I know what to do to increase my commissions. Thanks a lot.

  3. hello Fabrizio I was wondering if I could use this post on my blog you do not have a copyright available on this page for me to embed into my site I was wondering if I could just copy and paste with all links active and noting the source (this page) at the top of my page thanks sincerely Amanda

  4. Hi Fabrizio

    Great path indeed. Now am really appreciating being part of the SFI. Still learning but really want to achieve real objective of being in the real business

    Thanks a lot for sharing this

    Anita Esguerra

  5. Thank u very much and looking fwd to reach my goal’s
    am sure will b able to accomplish that with the help & guidance from U n all my upline sponsors.

  6. Dear F.Perotti, Thank you very much for very good suggestion to me. I have been working under a construction Co., by 6 year’s in KSA(Saudi Arabia) (my job time morning 7am to 4 pm.,) This is my professional Job.Then I back home. I also studied every day for many time by spent to SFi training, how to start etc etc…I’ve interest to start…I shall try to follow your suggestion’s for built up me as EA to BTL…etc…I need. again thank you. I also pride for your top position that you earn yesterday. sincerely your’s. mokhlesur. ksa.

  7. Am looking forward to get more and more effort to get money because I want to build my mother house she suffering she don’t have nothing I try to do something for my family. I want to make it better for the SFI every time and get more people to work with it.

  8. I really appreciate the way you presented your success in the SFI business. Definitely, it is inspiring and urging to the ones you are leading to follow in your footsteps. Thanks for sharing your success path map. You deserve the position you are holding and thus, hold on and God bless.

  9. hello sir iam excited to see your earnings please do me something to earn small sir fabrizio perotti and i hope you do me a favour thanking you

  10. I do appreciate how you treat us,the way you share lots of things and of course I like to follow what you are telling us.I am serious and I really want to have a comfortable life trying the best I can for now coz I don’t have the means at the moment….striving in the way I can to find solutions how to make it.
    Thanks for your inspiring words.


  11. Dear Fabrizio,
    My greatest problem with SFI is how to make payments or standing orders for the IAHBE and th 20 Personal Sponsored Afilliate. I do not have the Tripleclicks Master Card which implies that I could pay by money transfer or any other options available. There is no detail of the Account Name or Number for which such money should be paid into. Please, let me know the account name/number I can pay for these two options.

  12. The 14,647.50 after 6 months is not all your money. I do not think you receive 100% from the affiliates you recruit.
    Also, if the value of a VersaPoint is $ 0.0005, then 1500 VPs is equal to $ 0.75 and yet SFI, my store sells me these same VPs at $ 29; isn’t this on the upper side even though an item such as IAHBE may bring us knowledge and other tools etc.

    I do not believe from your calculations above that an individual will get the goal of $ 10,000 per month using the scheme you have presented.

    However, I would like to convince my affiliates, so kindly assist me to understand what I don’t seem to be understanding at the moment.


  13. Hi,
    Fabrizio Perotti, Your explanation of ULTRA-Simple3 Step Plan is good n readable but dificult to put into action
    Reading does’nt give complete sense. Personnaly u being there to clear our doubts n how to work out directly without help is a main problem. Please work out some way as if you’re there to help us
    Thank you and Jehovah God Bless you in Mighty Way
    Conrad John Dias (SFI Afiliates )

  14. Dear Fabrizio,
    Thank you for all above information.
    Just one little thing, I went to the Tripleclicks store and I got lost I don’t know how to bid or how to pay from there,should I pay money ? and to whom and where?

    Best regards
    Ala’a Awad

  15. Hello,
    What if a person doesn’t buy anything from TripleClicks , can’t have any sponsored affiliates, and can’t even send any money to buy items or have the W3 ?


  17. it’s interesting to read and peflect of what fabrizio perotti had written above, i feel sure that he’s absolutely right in this and may another case too. but, personally i find it difficult to recruit a down line, and to make them work (or work hard) as we do, this’s
    a special thing that fabrizio had, salute for him.

  18. Thank you for such a wonderful training session. You deserve high commendation for going ahead, given you were so ill. I learned many valuable lessons listening to you, and have continued to implement all that you suggested. I look forward to learning from you again. Kindest regards. Colleen

  19. Dear Fabrizio:
    Thank you very much for the very useful info. It is very encouraging and I liked most you last words: Never never give up.

  20. Thanks so much for the notes…. Its really great idea as some of us has problems listening to the audio presentation, due to network disturbance…

    Gladly I haven’t missed anything…. I watched the whole presentation.


  21. Je vois avec beaucoup d’intéret votre procédure dans le succès de vos actions SFI. Merci pour les Stratégies dont nous avions besoin depuis des temps.

  22. This is really fantastic!!! Could you put some idea of S-builder also. Which is more profitable – S-builder or 20 PSAs, you think or suggest me.

  23. This just too great. is like a driving force, saying keep pushing do not give up.
    i will do my best to do more in SFI. i which i can invest some money in this business.

  24. Thanks Fabrizio for your seminar. I would like ask you: my affiliates are a bit off, about the increment their business, how I can push them to learn and fill all parts earning points! Can you help me, or talk with them once, than I can hold them.
    Thank you for all information.
    Regard, Maurizio EA

  25. it’s a good and well prepared presentation, thick in content and deep in meaning with an interesting English pronounciation, bravo!! i myself seems not too difficult to follow and act for myself, but i find it difficult to recruit good and potentials down line and do as i have done myself. my affiliate may be better and worse than me, to be the same seems once in a blue moon.

  26. Woderful video, consistent, and clair, but as me say a target should be achievable, in my opinion the results depende to our affiliates, when we select them we have no idea how they will react that’s why we need to assist and coach them.
    Is it possible to attend again to the meeting Th 7 ? I wish to sahre it with 2 potentiel affilaites
    Many thanks Fabrizio for your leadership

  27. Hi Fabrizio,

    Your video seminar and write up seems to be simple and easy to follow. It is very easy to understand. Thanks for effort creating this video that allows us to understand how this business strategy works.


    Grace Gale

  28. Thanks,Fabrizio,Really this plan was needed for me to plan success.Its awesome.It can change the future of many more,if the person is interested in his own future.
    Thanks again

  29. This is an excellent summary of everything an affiliate needs to succeed in his/her SFI Business. Thanks a lot Fab for making learning the SFI Business Model and strategy so simple as it is intended to be. This is a boon to all serious affiliates.

  30. This is quite amazing. After about 4 month I didnt get it quite right. I am going to do a restart and follow the steps above.
    Thanks for this wonderful infor.

  31. Geat metting Fab, now thinks are right for me, your presentation is usefull for me and my affiliates.

    Thanks the up line sponsors and to you we start building a happy future through out Strong Future International “SFI”


  32. I am grateful for this motivational message. I have realised the importance Versa points and having my spornsored affiliates. However, there is a problem of the affiliates not responding to the advise one give them even after sending several messages. The payment method is still a challenge to starters like myself.
    Thank you.

  33. Watching and listening to the video presentation was very encouraging and makes want to go digging for those 5 serious affiliates and teach duplication.Thanks again.

  34. This SFI video is truly a timesaver to start the process of starting a worldwide network of creating an income driven by minimum effort with a 24/7 business operation. Just follow the SFI presented simple rules and soon the wealth builds up in fast exponential fashion. I adore the SFI system and the people who started this system deserve to be praised with the highest honor vested in “Modern Macro Global Economics”, specially in and Sales and Marketing.

    You don’t even have to go to UNI to create an unlimited source of income. Once you have started the ball rolling, the system works for you and the rest of the team.

    For me, I salute the people who started it and shared this wonderful simple wealth creation unselfishly. I just started about 2-1/2 months ago, and the other day SFI Admin sent me an e-mail telling me to open an account so they can deposit $7K plus as a result of my effort as an “Affiliate” . I was so nervous, I thought I was dreaming.

    To all of SFI staff and members of my team, tahnk you very much for sharing the opportunity.

    Very much appreciated.

    Your Affiliate from Australia

  35. Thank for your videa and it contents.Now from 3-steps plan i am going to try IAHBE-standing orders and standing orders for20 PSAs throught these i become EA as soon as possible,also i am going to try in my missing sections of SFI operation,THIS MY FEEDBACK FOR YOUR MEETING ON 03/18/2013 at 10.30 AM. ENG.DR.V.S.RAJARATHINAM sfi id:12192603

  36. Thanks the up line sponsors and to you we start building a happy future through out Strong Future International “SF I it’s a good and well prepared presentation, thick in content and deep in meaning with an interesting English pronunciation, bravo

  37. Hi Fabrizio,
    I really appreciated this 3-step plan video and I found it wonderful! Thank you for your helpful advices and demonstration.
    Just after 15 days as an SFI Affiliate, this video will help me to proceed and become (I am sure) a big member within SFI.
    Thank you very much for all your assistance, and be sure I’ll NEVER GIVE UP and I HAVE FAITH;
    Lika Diop

  38. Sir!

    Thanks for the video. Very good presentation. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Thank you again!

    Felixberto Degulacion from Philippines……

  39. МНЕ очень нравятся отзывы и впечатления людей и их возможность становиться финансово независимыми людьми Вы молодец Фабрицио я очень хочу обучиться в SFI у Вас но есть одна проблема сайт переводится так не ровно что порой связать одно предложение сдругим нет ни какой возможности как решить эту проблему? За ранее благодарен.

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