How to maximize your income with sponsoring and duplication

Dear Teammates,

it’s great to see how many of you guys are really on the move, building day after day the knowledge we all need to excel in this wonderful business.

SFI business is really simple, reliable and profitable, if you just stick to the Basics:

Among these basics, at point #3 you’ll read the following: “Maximize your income with sponsoring and duplication – Scoring VersaPoints and generating sales at are a great way to start earning money with SFI, but if you want to create a major monthly income stream, you must employ sponsoring and duplication.”

I see that for some of you this is still a kind of problem. In fact, even if you’re doing great in scoring Versa Points and qualifying for higher ranks, not all of you have started the duplication process, yet. Duplication is the key for your access to a major Income. If you don’t have a solid downline, you will probably keep struggling every month in trying to increase significantly your income.

I understand that if you never worked before in Marketing, it’s not easy to find the right people to build your business with. That’s why Co-op Marketing exists and our President, Mr. Gery Carson, is an enthusiastic supporter of this kind of strategy.

What is Co-op Marketing? It’s very simple to understand: someone who has the experience and the financial meanings to make it, is willing to risk big amounts of time and money, in order to run advertising campaigns and allow their fellow affiliates to buy one or more shares of those same campaigns he previously paid for.

In this way these participating affiliates are powerfully enabled to plan the development of their business and work that plan. Without risks and reducing drastically their advertising investments. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The good news is that the SFI team you are part of, has a great Co-op in place for you (

So, I’d suggest you to make yourself the question: “do I really wish a major monthly income for myself, or I’m just hanging around in the internet, to see if I can make a few bucks somehow?”

And if you think you’re really serious about building your bright future with SFI, do this:

  1. Order every month enough Affiliates at your team’s Co-op  (
  2. Follow them up carefully as per these strategies:
  3. Work close to your best movers ( and teach them to duplicate these same 3 points.

Do this persistently for 1 to 2 years and you won’t have anymore financial worries in your life. That’s my personal belief.

But above all, bear always, ALWAYS, in mind this absolute truth: “Winners never quit and quitters never Win.

3 thoughts on “How to maximize your income with sponsoring and duplication

  1. hi,
    I wanted to ask you,are still with sfi?
    my problem is that doesn’t commission,until today from may,2016 my commission is 00 why?
    tell me on how to installed banners in triple clicks,because every time i am using procedures it rejects
    tell on how to validate in twitter also it a problem
    how can be paid for this work?

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