How to make money fast and safely – part 3


How insecurity and fear can be misleading sometimes..

In part 2 of this article about how to make money fast and safely, we understood that the ONLY obstacle which prevents people from making loads of money using an affordable, simple and reliable income generator system, is their insecurity (fear) which doesn’t allow them to really perceive an “easy” opportunity as something real.

Isn’t it excellent news?

Can you understand that today, what separates masses of people from wealth is not their experience, neither their skills, their intelligence, their knowledge, their contacts, their environment or what else you can imagine.

The one and only thing that today, take average person apart from wealth is their fear!

I think this is just great because It means that if people can get rid of their useless and misleading fear, they have immediate access to systems which can rapidly lead them to infinite wealth. Period.

A practical example which you can even start to follow right now? Here you are:

Imagine fear in this world didn’t exist and today you had access to an automatic incomebannerSFI425 generator system, designed to potentially build a $200,000 annual passive income for you.

Wouldn’t you be more than willing to invest about $80 per month to get the benefits of this system?

Of course you would! Can you imagine how your lifestyle would be, earning $200,000 dollars per year with all the free time you wish?

So why don’t you put that system at work for you right now? …fear maybe? 🙂


Here’s what the system called “The SFI 12-month plan to Financial Freedom“, based on the SFI and TripleClicks infrastructure and know-how, does for you:

1) AUTOMATIC GLOBAL RECRUITMENT: every month it places 50 people interested in making money online, who already signed up as SFI Affiliates, in your SFI network and provides you and all the participant Affiliates in your Network with 125 TCredits to spend at TripleClicks store.

2) AUTOMATIC VIDEO FOLLOW-UP: through an advanced follow-up video system, it constantly takes care of these Affiliates, informs and motivates them, with the goal of having ideally the 2% of them starting their 12-month plan too (1 upgrade out of 50 affiliates is enough to implement the plan).

3) AUTOMATIC DUPLICATION: it keeps duplicating the same system deep into your  SFI generations.

Now let’s talk about income, which I know, is the only thing that really matters to you 🙂

– The above system is designed to generate ideally 1 upgrade a month in your first SFI generation and duplicate the same pace in your deeper generations.

– It means that in 12 months you should have at least 12 upgrades (1 per month) in your first generation.

– Each upgrade in your SFI Network up to 12 generations deep, generates a $9 passive income for you.

The ideal duplication of your first 4 generations, would produce a $200,000 annual passive income for you.

Isn’t it the simplest strategy and compensation plan ever created? I want to repeat the core subject, which is the only thing that is of real interest for billions of people worldwide whose fundamental needs is to earn more:

Only 1 upgrade a month duplicated in your first 4 generations, would produce a $200,000 annual passive income for you.

Of course, in top of that and with no obligations at all, every single Affiliate will be able to benefit from all the other SFI and TripleClicks aspects and earn additional commissions: state-of-the-art online store, advanced business tools, over 90,000 commissionable banner432products and services available worldwide, the video game platform, the fantastic Pricebenders Auctions, the community of awesome people to interact with, the TC music store and much more to discover.

Since 1998, when SFI business was launched, millions of dollars have been regularly paid out every single month, to tens of thousands of Affiliates worldwide. I am one of them since 2012.

I can only wish you to get rid of your fear, grab the opportunity now and start receiving your first commissions next month!


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