How to make money fast and safely – part 2

How to make money fast and safely – part 2

In the previous part of this article on how to make money fast and safely, I talked about the Fab Jaguar F-Typemain reasons why I see some people becoming richer while others become poorer, and the difference between spending money and investing money.

Here I’m going to talk about what in my vision people really need in order to make money fast, build a passive income which lasts, and be free to live the prosperous life we all deserve.

And it’s very simple:

“people need to invest in affordable, simple and reliable systems, founded on the common sense and designed to fulfil important needs of the vast majority of local people as well as people worldwide.”

Just to be sure everybody understand what I mean by “system”:

“a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole which doesn’t require your physical businessAutomaticopresence to keep working”

Once you have access to a system which satisfies the criteria I described above, you can be sure you are going to make loads of money, as the natural consequence of you helping people to satisfy some of their most important needs.

I’m sure you agree with me. Don’t you?


“…It can’t work. It’s too good to be true”

The problem is that we the humans are something weird. In fact if someone tells us about an affordable, simple and reliable system which allows everybody to make money, what  our first immediate reactions are? All that kind of reactions which come from the reactive thought we have automatically: “it’s too good to be true”.

If we consider that something is too good to be true, we not even take it into consideration, or we immediately think it’s a scam or similar. We can even feel in danger, attacked, etc. etc.

In my opinion this automatic reaction is the result of an innate destructive insecurity.

Anyway here is where our insanity shows up. In fact the consequence of the above is that we keep considering as “good” only the same kind of “solutions” which have already showed clear proof that they don’t work as we wish.

That’s why we keep seeing so many people broke, desperate, fired or still slave to their boss, which keep considering as good, only the offers related to a “safe and secure job”.

"I like to work hard and make my boss richer!"

“I like to work hard and make my boss richer!”

Or we see even worse: people giving their life when they are at work making their boss richer, who inexplicably remain completely inactive after signing up for an online business opportunity which could really improve their life substantially (…does anybody know what I mean?  🙂

They keep on with the same way of seeing things which led them to the miserable situation where they are now.

I can not even imagine how many lives have been destroyed by the useless thought; “it’s too good to be true”.

Where does the ridiculous idea that only bad things can make you rich come from? 🙂

I always started my personal ventures with an opposite, more logical and constructive approach which sounds like this:

“It sounds so good that it can only be true”.

What would happen if you had this same mindset too, and you had the opportunity to make money by having access to an affordable, simple and reliable system, designed to fulfil important needs of the vast majority of people worldwide?

I’m sure you would grab the opportunity right away.


Or maybe not, if for instance you live in a country with very low buying power, where the average wage is let’s say $150. I understand that in this case investing even a few tens of dollars per month in your preferred system could be difficult.

So what? Do you think that having not even this little money should be a good excuse to give up trying to invest in the right system to become rich?

Don’t you think too that it’s actually a compelling reason to invest as soon as possible in a system which allows you to increase your income?

I learned that successful people never think “I can’t afford it”. They always think; “how can I afford it?. Then they always find a way to get what they want.

In the next and most important part of this article, we’ll see how you could actually offer yourself the access to the most affordable, simplest and reliable system to create a huge passive income and real prosperity for your life.

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  1. Have read both part1 and part 2. Makes for some interesting reading and am looking forward to the next part of this article. Many thanks for your input and effort to bring this article to us.

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