Choose to be successful

Do what leaders do!

I think being successful in our business is much easier than any traditional businesses, because the dimension of our own success just depends on our own beliefs, motivation, Fab-Athenscommitment and, above all, our coachability; that condition of being coachable, which allows us to follow the example of all those who already achieved their success or are on their way and are seriously committed to achieve it.

In a few words, the above means that everything depends on us: we just have TO CHOOSE to be successful. But we can also choose to be unsuccessful. And unfortunately, for what I see, the latter is what the majority of Affiliates use to do every day.

An example?

Worried about the economy? Do what successful people do.

We all can easily see whenever we want, what successful SFI Affiliates do. For instance you just have to check pages like the Top Sponsor Leaderboard and click to see the snapshot of each one of the serious Affiliates listed there. Well, you will notice that among all the badges, apart from one single exception, 100% of those Top Sponsors have the Fast Track Badge listed.

In the past days, we all read a lot about the big benefits of the New Fast Track Program and the possibility all Affiliates have until October 17th to go Fast Track too.

Well, now there are only 3 days left to grab this opportunity the Company gave us, but so far only a too small percentage of Affiliates has taken it.

But, if you see with your eyes that 100% of successful people do certain things, and let’s say you want to be successful too, how can you think you can make it too, without doing things all successful people do? Can you think all those people are kind of weird and lucky guys who achieved success just by chance?

No needs for me to give you the answer. We all know it.

So again, it simply confirms we just have TO CHOOSE to do the right things to be successful OR unsuccessful.

Don’t know yet what the Fast Track program is? You can click here and check it out.

Have fun and enjoy your business!

Fabrizio Perotti – SFI PTL

P.S.: you are not an SFI Affiliate yet? Join us now!

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