The Key of Success

The key of success in this business, as we all know, is duplication.
And what is the key of duplication? I would like to be able to say: “the Fab_jaguar_FTypesponsor (you) is the key. He has the magic formula to transform lazy, hesitant or unmotivated people into achievers and winners.”  : )
But of course it doesn’t work like that.
Unfortunately my personal experience convinced me that the real magic formula each sponsor (you and me included) has, is another one: “have faith, follow the path never give up”.
Why this? Because it’s absolutely true that your success in this business depends exclusively on you and on your SERIOUS affiliates, certainly not on your lazy, hesitant or unmotivated ones.
So, if you currently have only lazy, hesitant or unmotivated affiliates and you (…and you’re not alone) don’t have any magic formula to transform them, how could you possibly build a solid and profitable team for the years to come?
There is only one possibility: don’t waste your time with them and keep sponsoring new people and let the natural selection do its job: that’s how you will start to see the good seeds germinating and blooming until you get those serious ones you’re looking for.
In nature, good germination occurs when water and oxygen are present at a favorable temperature. But, even if all conditions are good, only a percentage of seeds will germinate.
You as their sponsor, can only help to create the good conditions for them to bloom, but you can’t oblige them.
So, if you know that your goal is to find those 5 Serious affiliates with whom you will build your (and their) financial future, what are the best things you can do in order to stop losing potential commissions every month (which is much more expensive than investing some dollars in advertising every month)? Here you are:
2) Follow them up (  > 
3) Discover the blooming workers  > 
4) Teach them to do the same  > 
And above all: NEVER GIVE UP repeating the routine above, until your 5 serious affiliates have duplicated the method up to a minimum of 3 generations. Which means you’ll have:
– 5 children
– 25 grandchildren
– 125 grand great grandchildren
While this minimum duplication hasn’t occurred, you can’t be sure you really found those 5 “serious” ones. Only facts and results determine how “serious” (about this business of course) an affiliate is. And these generations listed above are the only facts that really matter to you.
I see often people a bit frustrated after getting their first 10/15 Affiliates from the Co-op. But this quantity of Affiliates is not enough of course and it’s not even statistically significant.
Bear in mind that when you recruit (sponsor) affiliates, from any kind of source (co-op or your personal advertising), you can only have a single certitude: they are potentially interested in making money. Period. But this doesn’t mean at all that they will become active > Executive Affiliates > Team Leaders > Serious Affiliates.
So how can you influence this process?
As said above, you can only help to create good conditions where they can germinate and grow (you see how you can do this here: That been done, just let the SFI system do the work for you, being aware that their success depends exclusively on them, not on you.
On your side, if you really want to be successful, you must HAVE FAITH enough to keep sponsoring people (ESPECIALLY when you don’t see any result from your existing Affiliates),  FOLLOW THE PATH described above and NEVER GIVE UP until you’ve reached ALL your dreamed financial goals (
So, the question is: do you have any “dreamed financial goal”? Because be sure that if you don’t have it…you’ll never achieve it!
In my opinion, the 3-Step Plan video (, is a good tool which helps everyone to have and achieve a basic goal ($3 000 per month), which represents the runway from which you can take-off to all kinds of financial destinations. With NO Limit!
Enjoy your business.

July contest Winners


Congratulations to the awesome Leaders of our Team who won our July SFI Team contest and will start receiving their prizes very soon.Fab_jaguar_FType

They come from the 5 Continents and they are rapidly building a bright future for themselves and their Teams:

  • Salah Benabderrahmane, Algeria
  • Fateh Kermat, Algeria
  • Domini Adams, Australia
  • Soon Ling, Australia
  • Bernadette Renquin, Belgium
  • Jacques KUETE, Cameroon
  • Ruth Constance Cattle, Canada
  • Normand Plouffe, Canada
  • Berenger Adjehi, Cote D’ivoire
  • Roland Adjehi, Cote D’ivoire
  • Abraham Bolou, Cote D’ivoire
  • Landry Dano, Cote D’ivoire
  • Patrice d Hausen, France
  • Danielle Villaime, France
  • Claude Chaumeny, France
  • Nelly Prunier, France
  • Felix CHATEAU, France
  • Damien Chaumeny, France
  • Farouk Laazzouzi, France
  • Paul Vert, France
  • Michel Chaumeny, France
  • Pierre Jaune, France
  • Jean Frédéric d Hausen, France
  • Henri Noir, France
  • Michel Villaime, France
  • Michel Prunier, France
  • David Prunier, France
  • Catherine ENGUEHARD, France
  • André Dupond, France
  • Ilham ESSAHLI, France
  • Fabrice BIAS, Guadeloupe
  • Manikandan L, India
  • Maria Saulea, Italy
  • Emanuela Fedeli, Italy
  • Manuel Chanfreau, Mexico
  • Kaahu Bennett, New Zealand
  • Nigel Robinson, Philippines
  • Pedro Dias, Portugal
  • Drula Eric, Reunion
  • Faridah Suliman, Singapore
  • Sidi Zidani, Switzerland
  • Deborah Brun, Switzerland
  • Brice Christian Dieble, Tunisia
  • MISTY WILLIAMS, United States
  • Dennis Gibson, United States

A VERY SPECIAL recognition to our friend Mr. Sidi Zidani of Switzerland and his french speaking team, for their great commitment in building a wonder Team in France!! In less than 2 months they have already built a strong group with tens of serious team Leaders. France rocks since they started last June and their Country moved up in the SFI Country ranking from the 65th place, up to the 47th position!

So…congratulations Sidi and Friends  ; )

Have fun Guys; enjoy your business and never give up!


P.S.: a shortcut to boost your income? watch this video:

P.P.S.: don’t forget to install the SFI related Toolbar in your Browser:

SFI increases your Income while you’re on holidays


Dear Team-fellows,

One of the best aspects of our SFI Business, is that once you have worked seriously for at

Fabrizio Perotti

Fabrizio Perotti

least a few months and achieved some of the first goals as reported for example in the 3-step plan video ( you know that you can start taking your holidays without having a loss in your monthly income. Actually your income can keep increasing just like it did during the previous months, while you’ve been busy building the foundation of your long lasting business team. Isn’t it something great?

It is really great if you consider that most of the traditional self-employed lines of work out there, stop producing income in the same moment you stop working at them.

Actually in this moment I’m exactly experiencing this wonderful feeling of being on Holiday in a wonderful sunny place faced to the ocean, while my monthly income keeps increasing daily, thanks to the work I produced during the past 12 months.

That’s just gorgeous and this is certainly the best way for me to celebrate my first anniversary in the SFI business, on July 25th! 🙂

But I gotta say that the best gift I receive every day from this business, is to see how many of you guys are steadily building your own downline too and increasing your income.

I know that for many of you, just like it happened to me, SFI brought big hope for a better future in your lives and at the same time, the right vehicle and road map to make it happen.

I also know that all together as a team, in the years to come, we’ll be able to help millions of people worldwide to get the same vision we already have and guide them to a better life while we build our own at the same time. I think this is marvelous. Don’t you?

We want do it and we can do it; just bear in mind the magic formula: have faith, follow the path, never give up!

While I’m on holiday I won’t be able to answer your email. I’m sorry. But this of course cannot be a problem for anybody.

In fact 100% of my answers to the questions I usually receive by email, are taken exclusively from the SFI website, accessible to every Affiliate in a very simple and immediate way.

So, If you haven’t done it yet, you should really start to practice and find answers to whatever you want, using the fantastic support function we have at our disposal 24/7 here:

Basically you can use it in 2 ways:

1) click “SFI” or “TC” to explore categories.

2) type in the search field some keywords related to your question. For example: “payment” or “Versa point” or “rank” or whatever you need to find information about. Immediately all the FAQ related to that subject will show up and you will be soooo happy!

This is not only the best way for you to find right away all the support you need, but it’s also one of the most important step towards the establishment of your team leadership. In fact once you’ll master the source of ALL the knowledge about SFI business, you’ll be perfectly able to offer all the support needed by your new Affiliates and start to help their duplication too!

July contest for SFI Dreams Achievers


Two great news for you and your SFI Business:

1) My friend Giuseppe and I, are glad to launch this new contest for the month of july:Fab_jaguar_FType

Achieve one of the following ranks by july 31st to win the matching prize:

  • Qualify as STL and you win 50 PSA
  • Qualify as GTL and you win 75 PSA
  • Qualify as PTL you win 100 PSA

Tip: Set a goal to help 10 of your PSAs get to EA2 and you’ll be automatically earning 1000 VP every month (and even more as these EAs become Team Leaders).  Now combine this with the hundreds of points you can earn easily each month by reviewing your SFI homepage tabs and you can be an EA every month without any out of pocket cost. That’s a very good point to start when climbing  all the next ranks.

2) CO-OP Marketing: the GREAT news many of us were waiting for; at Proprofit are available again the “Mind Blowing Offers”. On almost all the packages available you order a few affiliates and you get more than the 100% For Free. It’s definitely the best and fastest way to boost your downline! Check it out here:

Be sure all your PSAs got these information and If you’re getting lost or you’ve not perfectly clear what kind of income you can earn with your SFI Business, or why you’d better qualify as Team Leader, I  urge you watch (again and again..) the Ultra Simple 3-Step Plan Video:

Remember: even if it’s undeniably true that SFI is the greatest global business ever created, it obviously can’t produce money for you if you don’t set up your income goals and take the serious commitment to achieve all of them (

If you really want to change your life style and get whatever you deserve, make this business your absolute priority. Live with it in your mind day and night, be enthusiastic and aware that your life is gonna change very fast! But only if this is what you really  want!

That’s how you’re gonna be part of our Dreams Achievers Team ; )

Have fun and enjoy your business!

Why some SFI Affiliates are not successful yet


I think the reason why some SFI Affiliates are not earning money yet or never get started, Fab_jaguar_FTypeit’s just that they don’t know how much money they could earn and what they exactly have to do in order to make it.

Of course on SFI and IAHBE websites we can find ALL what we need to be successful. But I understand that there is so much material, that many people feel overwhelmed and stop reading even before having understood what they need to do to make big money.

And everybody knows that if people don’t know what to do, they simply do nothing.

Rather; if you had a clear strategy to follow, with a clear and remarkable monthly income goal to achieve within the next 6 months, and you were mathematically sure it could really proprofit-coopwork even for the laziest guy of the world, wouldn’t you be willing to start doing what is needed? I’m sure you would.

That’s why I created the 13 minute long “3-Step Plan video and posted it on my blog:

After having watched it, if you’ve got the right spark which will really fire you up, reserve also 1.5 hours of your time to sit-back and enjoy the recording of this online meeting I personally hosted to develop and better explain the same contents of the 3-step Plan Video:

Have fun and don’t forget to install the SFI related Toolbar in your Browser:

A happy lucky guy

Fab_jaguar_FTypeYesterday has been another wonderful day; invited by Jaguar cars, I had the chance to participate to a great lunch and driving test of the new unbelievable Jaguar F-Type V8-500CV.

For the whole afternoon I could drive this outstanding dream car in a race circuit and experience feelings that I’ll remember for the rest of my life and that for sure I want to keep experiencing.

I gotta say that lately so many wonderful things are happening in my life and I thank God for that.

How come that after some very hard times I have experienced in my life, now everything is going so well? Why now I’m discovering new interests and passions which really give a brand new color to my fulfilling life?

I realized that never mind the situation you’re currently living, when you start looking at your life not as it is now but as you want it to be, as you actually dream it and you’re really able to see and feel it in this way, getting rid of all worries or fears, well… something magic gradually starts happening in your life and things start to become very easy.

I understood that the more you keep this mental attitude, the happier you feel, with positive, optimistic and enthusiastic thoughts in your mind, which lead you to having a never-ending sequence of new even more positive, optimistic and enthusiastic wonderful thoughts. That’s when things start to become easier and easier and your life takes a completely new direction.

That’s exactly how my new ‘lucky’ life started.

Of course it’s not easy for most people, to have positive and happy thoughts when things are not going yet towards the desired direction. I know.

Nevertheless, this is absolutely possible and fundamental at the same time, as you need to be focused on the solutions, not on the problems. Otherwise nothing will ever change.

So; you keep thinking you have no money? You have no car? You have not the house of you dreams? You have not the life you deserve? Well Stop now and switch completely this destructive attitude.

Start immediately asking yourself ‘why do I wish to earn more money?’, ‘Why do I wish a new car?’, ‘Why do I wish that kind of house?’ Etc. etc.

Then expect your true answers to really come from your heart and really experience the feeling of how good it is to live your life free of all kind of financial worries. Earning enough

The DNA of Success, Jack M. Zufelt

The DNA of Success, Jack M. Zufelt

money to afford whatever you, your family and your next generation could ever desire. Experience the feeling of giving to others, making people happy without expecting anything in return. And above all, be sincerely grateful for all that you have got.

Does all this sound weird to you? I understand.

But please, make yourself a gift: decide to gradually become an expert in painting yourself the dream life you wish to live. You’ll automatically become an ‘expert in experiencing’ the feelings that that kind of life will bring to you.

That’s how you will start to attract positive circumstances and people, who will put your life on the right track toward your wildest dreams.

For me, finding SFI and my friend (and SFI sponsor) Giuseppe Francavilla at the right moment of my life, has been exactly one of the effects this highly effective ‘recipe’ attracted to me.

Don’t wait to get what you need in order to be happy. Rather, recognize every day the good reasons you already have to be happy and be grateful for that.

Only then, the process will start and everything in your life will begin to improve day after day.

That’s how I became the ‘happy and lucky’ guy I now am. And the best has yet to come ; )

I wish you the same!

It’s clear: people don’t wish to be wealthy


Lots of people keep asking me what is the secret of my success. I keep answering and the majority of them keep doing nothing to achieve the success they “want”.

And I keep finding this very weird. Don’t you? : )


I mean: you signed up at SFI because you’re interested in making money online; you supposedly wish to be wealthy.

And if you’ve just read a bit about SFI you’ve certainly understood it is a solid, highly rated and successful company in business since 1988. So you’re aware that you’re in the right place at the right moment.

You also found a complete “path to success” ( to boost your business and make extremely simple and affordable to make $3,000 monthly income within a short period of time.

You know that there are NO other ways in this world to build this kind of legitimate income in such a short period of time, with so little or inexistent investment and with NO need of particular experience or capacities.

So what is the problem? What are those “huge” obstacles which separate people from wealth?

I think it is only one: people don’t actually wish to be wealthy. They think they’d want to but actually they don’t. They are probably in real need, but for some reason they don’t actually have that genuine burning desire which could even move the mountains. Even in their poorness they found a kind of “comfort zone”; they find it easy to just keep complaining about their situation, blaming anything but themselves. Doing this it is very likely they have the approbation and solidarity of many other listeners close to them, who stagnate in their same situation. It’s a destructive and vicious circle which can only allow people to keep stagnating in their frustrating condition.

To make some effort which could get them out of this “comfort zone” is something they don’t actually want as they would risk losing that useless “approbation and solidarity” they got used to.

There are no other explanations.

On the other hand, I’m sure that when a human being REALLY DESIRES something, he’s able to find in himself all the resources he needs to overcome all the obstacles he could ever find on his way.

This are the kind of people YOU have to look for, in order to build your ever lasting business and income. And you don’t need to find hundreds of them. As explained in the 3-Step Plan video ( you just need 5 of them.

But of course, first of all, YOU need to be that kind of person! So, ask yourself:

  • “Do I really wish to live a wonderful life, or I’m only in need of money”?
  • “How much money do I need monthly to make it wonderful enough?”
  • “Am I really willing to persistently invest my energy to achieve this goal?”
  • “How big are the obstacles I can find in SFI, compared to the ones I would find in any other profession, job, business?”
  • “Why should other people achieve their goal and not me if the path to follow is the same?”
  • “Is it worth not taking my SFI business seriously? How long can I afford to keep losing this kind of income every month?”

If while answering these basic questions, you understand YOU are the kind of person you’re also looking for, take the firm decision of never give up your efforts in SFI, until you’ve satisfied your real wish.

What kind of effort you could perform daily? Again; I think you can find all the answers (and the “secrets”) you need, in the 3-Step Plan Video here: (

Have faith, follow the path, never give up.

New at TripleClicks: Special TCredits Pak w/EA-qualifying 1,500 VP!

By the end of the month many Affiliates run to get qualified for a higher rank.

So I’d like to be sure you guys have read the following news in your Affiliate Center which can really help everybody:

Effective immediately, you can now get packs of 125 TCredits for just $36.25 each!

Not only is this one of our best deals EVER on TCredits, it also comes with EA-qualifying 1,500 VP for easy Executive Affiliate status every month!

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To order this new TCredits pak, go to:

Note that special restrictions apply. See full details at the above link.

Don’t forget to install the SFI related Toolbar in your Browser:

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About Inactive Affiliates


Everybody would love to sponsor (or purchase) a few affiliates and see all of them becoming EA or Team Leaders right away. Of course reality is different. Never mind from which source your affiliates come from.

The only important thing that you must be sure of, is if they really signed up spontaneously, because interested in making money online. Period. After that, it is just up to you as their sponsor, to help them becoming active.

As their sponsor, you need to keep improving your communication skills, in order to start building a real relationship with them, based on reciprocal confidence.

It is clear that this kind of relationship cannot be built overnight. It requires persistence on your side. But the good news is that the more you improve your skills in showing them a clear path to follow towards a clear and highly motivating goal, the less persistence you will need to get them started.

This is normal because, if people don’t know exactly what to do to make money, they don’t do nothing. This is the reason why I think that the SFI 3-Step Plan Video, which I also posted in my blog is what can give a very good contribution in increasing the average activity of all Affiliates. Why? Just because in a few minutes it gives them practical instructions on how to follow a complete and duplicable path.

When you purchase Affiliates at TC from Proprofit, you can be sure of just one thing: those Affiliates really signed up spontaneously, because interested in making money online and they didn’t receive any kind of incentive at all to sign up. Fair enough! That’s exactly what matters to you. Because on them you can plan your business, selecting those FIVE SERIOUS Affiliates you’re looking for.

Anyway it is very important, before placing any order at Proprofit, to read carefully and understand perfectly their policy here.

Working hard? …Or making money?


I often wonder why the great majority of people earn very little money or don’t earn at all.

In fact, isn’t it something against our nature? I mean; everybody would like to live a wonderful

Don't think about working too much. Think about making money!

“Don’t think about working too much. Think about making money and enjoying life!”

life, do what they feel like doing without constrictions. But without money this is obviously impossible. So why the majority of people live a situation they don’t like?

Especially nowadays, with all the huge opportunities waiting for us out there, it is unbelievable that the whole world is just focused on the global “crisis” and resigned to it, rather than be really focused on tangible and practical solutions which could really help the average man in their everyday life, starting yesterday. 🙂

So my conclusion is that generally speaking, people are unable to make big money, just because they’re slave of their own destructive beliefs.

In fact, probably the 90% and more of the population think that:

  1. – to earn money they need to work (very) hard
  2. – “easy money” don’t exist
  3. – to earn money they have to work 8 hours/day, 40 hours/week
  4. – financial security can be achieved only working as an employee
  5. – money are limited, only a few ones can be rich.

There are of course other reasons too, but these above in my opinion are the main beliefs which have blocked millions of people from getting out of that situation of poverty or simple frustration, they’ve been obliged to live with so far. And they will keep living with it for their whole life as they’re still not able “to see” anyone of those immense opportunities that new technologies (..which now are not even so new anymore…; ) made available worldwide to every single person.

But I think all of them have one solution: change themselves, inverting completely their bad beliefs and start acting accordingly.

As always happened in human history, on one hand there are people who are pro-active, optimists, curious and open to innovation, which consequently give their contribution to the world’s evolution. This is the kind of people who are naturally enabled to take full advantage, since the beginning, of this changing world.

These are normally that kind of people to whom we look with admiration (or envy) thinking they’re “luckier” thank us. And this is true; THEY ARE luckier than us!

But just because their way of being naturally attracts luck.

On the other hand there are the “skeptical”. People who automatically tend to think that whatever is new and different from what they consider “true”, cannot work (or ‘it’s a scam”). So, they remain anchored to their obsolete mental schemes. The same ones which led them to live the unsatisfactory situation they’re currently experiencing.

It is quite clear to me that whoever desires to live a really fulfilling and prosperous life, totally different from what they are living now, is in badly NEED to completely change their destructive beliefs. At least those five ones listed above, replacing them with the following ones and start to act accordingly:

  1. – working “hard” leads only to earning little or no money at all and doesn’t allow me to enjoy life;
  2. – the new technologies changed the world and made available to everybody, included me, an endless number of opportunities to make money easily;
  3. – enjoying life is mandatory. But working 40 hours per week for 40 years for getting starvation wages, makes it impossible to me. Rather, I can work 4 hours per week and make 100 times more money.
  4. – the only security that wage labour can bring to the great majority of people is that with it only, it’s impossible to live the life I dream. Hundreds of millions of unsatisfied and precarious employees worldwide are the incontrovertible and most obvious evidence of it. In order to live a fulfilling and prosperous life, I need to own the control of my work activity, decide how much money I want to make, have all the free-time I need, to enjoy the money I keep earning;
  5. – there are limitless riches available out there for each one of us. I just need to find and follow the right path until I’ll gain access to them.

Does anybody disagree with these 5 points? Of course not. You would be crazy to disagree with them and prefer the 5 previous one! 🙂

I think that if these ones are the 5 points that each one of us would like to see as real, there are no reasons for which we can’t make them real in our existence. It would be against our nature.

So, as per the point 5 above, we just have to start walking through “the right path”.

I think that the right path we can decide to follow, to gain access to those “limitless riches available out there”, is already available and quite well explained in the SFI 3-step plan Video.

That’s why I strongly invite everybody to watch the SFI 3-step plan Video even thousands of times if needed. Keep watching it at least until you’re perfectly sure that what explained there is nothing more than a very easy way that everybody can follow, to bring to their own lives, that kind of Freedom (Money + Free Time) we all need, in order to live the life we are dreaming about and that we have the sacrosanct right to live.

Remember: YOU are the only one responsible for your success. It’s exclusively up to you to decide to get it or not.

Deo Juvante.