Choose to be successful

Do what leaders do!

I think being successful in our business is much easier than any traditional businesses, because the dimension of our own success just depends on our own beliefs, motivation, Fab-Athenscommitment and, above all, our coachability; that condition of being coachable, which allows us to follow the example of all those who already achieved their success or are on their way and are seriously committed to achieve it.

In a few words, the above means that everything depends on us: we just have TO CHOOSE to be successful. But we can also choose to be unsuccessful. And unfortunately, for what I see, the latter is what the majority of Affiliates use to do every day.

An example?

Worried about the economy? Do what successful people do.

We all can easily see whenever we want, what successful SFI Affiliates do. For instance you just have to check pages like the Top Sponsor Leaderboard and click to see the snapshot of each one of the serious Affiliates listed there. Well, you will notice that among all the badges, apart from one single exception, 100% of those Top Sponsors have the Fast Track Badge listed.

In the past days, we all read a lot about the big benefits of the New Fast Track Program and the possibility all Affiliates have until October 17th to go Fast Track too.

Well, now there are only 3 days left to grab this opportunity the Company gave us, but so far only a too small percentage of Affiliates has taken it.

But, if you see with your eyes that 100% of successful people do certain things, and let’s say you want to be successful too, how can you think you can make it too, without doing things all successful people do? Can you think all those people are kind of weird and lucky guys who achieved success just by chance?

No needs for me to give you the answer. We all know it.

So again, it simply confirms we just have TO CHOOSE to do the right things to be successful OR unsuccessful.

Don’t know yet what the Fast Track program is? You can click here and check it out.

Have fun and enjoy your business!

Fabrizio Perotti – SFI PTL

P.S.: you are not an SFI Affiliate yet? Join us now!

How to increase your revenue helping Companies worldwide


Q: Are we allowed to include new Merchant in TripleClicks Store?

A: finding new merchants for TripleClicks is one of the most important aspects of our business; the more valuable stores are included in our Shopping Mall (TripleClicks) TripleClicksthe more valuable our whole opportunity is.

That’s why TripleClicks already provides us with the possibility to contact merchant worldwide and include them FOR FREE, in our shopping venue. In this way, these companies are empowered to sell their products to millions of TripleClicks Members worldwide, counting also on the force of tens of thousands of SFI Affiliates focused in promoting TripleClicks and its stores, daily.

So, all what you have to do, being perfectly conscious that YOU (and not vice versa) are the one offering a huge opportunity for free to all those companies, is to get in touch with them and offer to signup for free as ECA at TripleClicks.

That is very easy as you just have to let them signup through your ECA (E-Commerce Associates) Gateway you find listed here (For this purpose, you can also use a custom domain. As an example, see the one I currently use: which is automatically linked to my ECA Gateway).

If you need ideas on how to signup more ECAs, check the ECA section at our Marketing Center.

You can also find some Marketing Aids for the ECA Program here.

Are you wondering what is your compensation for signing up an ECA? Check it out here.

And bear in mind that through the TripleClicks ECA (E-Commerce Associates) program, we’re already partnering with companies and businesses across the globe to create one of the Web’s premier shopping destinations.

TC is currently partnered with 6,793 ECAs from 168 different countries–representing tens of thousands of products of all kinds.

So don’t forget that you can individually promote your favorite ECAs’ TConnect pages (the “store within a store”) and earn 45% CV commissions on all sales you generate, PLUS all the VP for the order! Even if you are not the referrer of these ECAs.

Signing up ECAs can be fun, lucrative and very useful for the development of the overall SFI business.

You just need to plan in advance your daily work and enjoy it!

August contest reserved to my PSAs


Fab Jaguar F-TypeDear Affiliates,

Together with my sponsor and friend Giuseppe Francavilla, we decided to offer even in august, the exciting contest reserved to our respective PSAs.

We called this contest “buy and grow,” because it allows you guys to enjoy products and services offered by SFI and Tripleclicks, having at the sometime the opportunity to make your downline explode! Isn’t it great?

Starting tomorrow, August 14th, and until the end of this month, each time you place an order of tcredits (50-100-200 packs), or you order a package of PSAs at Proprofit Co-op, I will personally reward you as detailed below:crescita

You will receive the following quantities of new PSAs in real time as soon as they sign up.

  • For every purchase of TCredits – 50 pack = 2 New PSA
  • For every purchase of TCredits – 100 pack = 5 New PSA
  • For every purchase of TCredits – 125 pack = 10 New PSA
  • For every purchase of TCredits – 200 pack = 15 New PSA

Place now your tcredits order here:

– For each package you order at Proprofit = 5 new PSA in addition to the lot purchased (example: Pack of 20 + 10 = 35 new PSA that you will receive)

Place now your Proprofit order here:

genealogyimageAs I’m still on vacation travelling around Europe, the prizes will be delivered as soon as I can, depending on the availability of an internet connection…so please don’t panic if you won’t receive your prizes immediately. : ) Thanks a lot for your comprehension.

Happy contest and enjoy your business!

Fabrizio Perotti – SFI PTL

– Leadership Page:
– Facebook: fabrizioperotti.sfi
– Twitter: FabrizioSFI

How to create duplication Co-oping with your Team

Fab Jaguar F-TypeWe are all aware that when a team of people, doesn’t know what to do or where to go, it simply does nothing and goes nowhere.

Rather when we have a clear and simple step by step strategy to follow, to achieve a clear and tangible goal, everybody is potentially able to do persistently the right thing.

That’s when we start seeing an exponential growth of our team. Why do I say “potentially”? Because this is true only if your burning desire is bigger than your fears.

And as per my personal experience, I know that at least 90% of people out there are victims of their own fear and get stuck in their unsatisfactory status-quo.

Consequently it’s easy to understand that if you are one of those 10% of brave people with no fear, driven by a big wish of freedom, you need to be a kind of head hunter, working persistently to find at least 5 people willing just like you, to duplicate the same proven strategy. So first of all decide which system you are going to follow, commit yourself to following it and never give up.

A very good idea about a strategy for everybody to follow, could be based on what has genealogyimagejust been posted in SFI’s official news blog: Get the MOST from TripleClicks PSAs To Go and auction-won PSAs!“. I urge you to read and fully understand that article before you proceed with this one.

Have you read it?


Did you also check out Gery’s SFI Co-op Manager & The Magic Of Co-oping article? Good; let’s move on then: Let’s say you want to inject in just a few days 500 additional Affiliates in your team, with the aim of getting from 1 to 10% of brave and serious ones. How would you do it? Among the different options below, which one would you prefer in order to achieve this goal?

  1. Present the SFI Opportunity to people around you (it’s not so easy to talk to 500 people about a business and sign them all up, isn’t it?);
  2. Start your own free advertisement online and/or offline (doable, but you need patience, knowledge and emotional stability to overcome the initial frustration);
  3. Invest a significant amount of money in professional advertising (doable, but you need to be willing to risk quite a large sum of money without knowing how many Affiliates you will be able to signup);
  4. Order PSAs To Go at TripleClicks (with a small investment you always know how many Affiliates you will get from professional SFI Campaigns).sfi-cover4

I don’t know which one you have chosen, but let’s talk here about my preferred one; option #4: If you want to Order 500 PSAs To Go at TripleClicks you should be ready to invest in 10 Packages of 50 PSAs each, which would correspond to $139 x 10 = $1390.

Not everybody can afford this amount of course. So what? Must that be a reason to give up this strategy? For most of the people it will be. But not for the winners.

In fact as Robert Kiyosaki teaches, a real winner will never say things like “I can’t afford it”. Rather he would ask himself: “How can I afford it?”

So, lets see now an example: how can I afford to Order 500 “PSAs To Go” at TripleClicks?

Well, consider that every day hundreds of SFI Affiliates are buying packages of 10 PSAs, at $39 ($3.9 each).

If you could offer all existing Affiliates in your team to get together in your own Co-op initiative and buy the same package of 10 PSAs at $32, it would represent for them a 18% savings for each package they order!

They would be really happy to participate in your co-op rather than buying directly at TripleClicks. Don’t you think? So, all you have to do is:

SMART HINT: if you place these orders as “Standing Orders”, you will pay only $2.53 per unit, saving an additional 9%!)

If your goal was 500 PSAs to add to your existing network, you will look for instance for 50 participants who will buy 10 PSAs each (or 25 participants who will buy 20 each). Result?

  • You collected $32 x 50 participants = $1600
  • You paid $139 x10 PSAs packages = $1390

So, you have a net profit of $210 which you fully deserve as a leader of your growing team and because of the time and energy you spent putting all these people together in your Co-op. And you can repeat this win-win process as many times as you want.

Even because it’s normal that if your participating Affiliates are really serious about building their strong and profitable business, they will need more than just 10 PSAs To Go in the weeks and months to come.

But what is more important is that now in your team you have 500 new Affiliates, and it is very likely that among them you will find some serious people who will start to duplicate this same model very soon.SFI Webinar

Can you imagine how fast your network will grow once even only 4 or 5 of your Affiliates do that? And what about your earnings?

Don’t forget that a very important aspect of all this is that each package of 50 PSAs To Go at TripleClicks, will add 1,622 VP (Matching VersaPoints) to your Network, plus of course all the monthly VP they will produce once they start shopping at TripleClicks.

What about those of you who still don’t have a team to involve in a co-op?

I know that many of you guys still have to start working seriously at this business, so you don’t yet have a team to involve in your Co-op.

Well, in this case you are part of those brave and serious ones who just have to join an existing Co-op to get your first PSAs.

Once you will have enough Affiliates, you will be able to run your own Co-op too. Happy Co-oping!

Inactive Affiliates becoming rich – Part 1

Dear inactive Affiliate, you are part of one of the most incomprehensible categories I can imagine. 🙂

It’s a category with no name, very well established in every single Country of the 5 Fab Jaguar F-Typecontinents, which counts a huge amount of people, all with the same following contradictions, which set them apart from the category of successful people. In fact they:

  1. are not satisfied of their current financial situation;
  2. feel the need to do something to change their financial situation and improve their life quality;
  3. start looking for something to do in order to change their financial situation;
  4. finally found something which could work for them;
  5. understand that in order to be successful they need to change their mental habits and learn how to work smarter;
  6. don’t make any effort;
  7. make nothing happen;
  8. give up, look for another opportunity, starting once more the same circle;
  9. let years pass by and perpetuate their current unsatisfactory situation;
  10. arrive at age of 99 and ask themselves: “…what if 50 years ago, rather than missing SFI Opportunity I had been just a bit active and persistent?”

It’s so sad. Isn’t it?

In another post in this blog I said something like: “Keep it simple, be lazy and let the system work for you“. But probably some of you misunderstood my message!

That post actually meant: organise the system first! Only then you can let it work for you, enjoy your money and free time to live a better life, exploiting your talents without having to worry about money.

Rather, just being lazy is not a good thing at all of course, as it can really lead you to live a very difficult life.

I remember that when I was a little child, I often wondered how could it be possible that one of the seven deadly sins in Christian moral tradition was sloth (laziness). Now I understand it much better.

I mean; at that time, it didn’t seem to be such a bad thing to me. Well, it’s true that my pigriziamum used to get a bit upset if I didn’t tidy my room or didn’t take the dog out for a walk or other stuff like this…but apart from that how could God possibly be so angry with me for such little things?

I couldn’t imagine myself going to hell just for not having been extremely reactive when the kitchen bin needed to be emptied.

Later on I understood that in fact the problem with laziness, was not exactly about “going to” hell. Rather it had mainly to do with “living a” hell on earth.

And immediately things about laziness started to make much more sense to me. I started to see everywhere signs of the laziness of people, me included.

If for instance someone keeps being lazy about emptying the bin and so does the rest of his family, in a few days or weeks, that entire kitchen will be filled of all kinds of rubbish. A few more weeks and months of laziness and all sort of things could happen and transform that entire house into hell, with putrefaction and illnesses spreading throughout the whole neighbourhood.

This is a little bit extreme of course, but it gives the idea. If a person doesn’t stop being lazy, in the long term a kind of “hell” could happen in any other aspects of his life on earth; money, health, relationships, etc.

So what now?

First of all be ready to make some efforts, be willing to learn, and expect to face some frustration along the road, but be committed to never give up.

You don’t know how to start? I can tell you briefly what I did. Maybe it will help you too:avvia-il-business

Make sure your mission and your long term goal are clear.

Meaning: achieve your goal running through your mission.

My mission, as you can understand even from the title of this blog, is to help the maximum amount of people worldwide, to achieve their Financial Freedom.

Not everybody has a clear idea of what financial freedom means. Basically it means to earn enough money to cover all your expenses for the rest of your life, without having to keep working.

In other words it means having all the free time you wish and the money needed to enjoy it. But this is still not precise enough. So keep following me.

What kind of monthly income do you actually need in order to be free?

Being an employee making let’s say 10,000$ (gross) a month in earned income (Vs. Passive Income), working 40 hours per week, 49 weeks per year being subordinated to impiegati-protestanoyour boss who could even fire you when he wants, would it be enough to consider yourself as a “free” person?

No, of course, NOT! Because if for any reason you stop working or you lose your job, your earned income immediately goes to zero. And during the past years you certainly heard a lot about struggling Companies, obliged to fire their employees even though they’d been working for them for decades.

It always breaks my heart to see those poor people desperate with no more jobs, just because years before they chose to look for a “safe and secure job” rather than learn impegato-licenziatohow to build their own business and be more in control of their financial future.

And this is exactly what a Company like SFI offers; it provides the tools and teaches all of us, how to build our own commercial network as a component of its network, in order to generate a passive monthly income which we’ll keep receiving even when we’ll decide to stop working.

Which is exactly what our minimum goal has to be: keep receiving a passive income greater than our every day expenses.

So you can understand that making the same amount of 10,000$ a month in passive income, rather than earned income, really makes a huge difference.

Even because if you hope to earn 10,000$ a month through a traditional job, you can probably wait your whole life and maybe the whole of the next one. Rather, if you want to make it through your own SFI Business, you just have to put the system in motion and let it work for you.

So the first question you have to ask yourself, it’s not if you can make money with SFI or not. It’s: how much do I want to earn each month through my SFI Business?

How much money do you need to make every month, in order to consider reddito-passivoyourself free financially?

First of all let’s have a global vision of the steps needed:

1st step: create a passive income big enough to pay your current expenses.

2nd step: increase your passive income in order to have an additional amount of money (cash flow) every month, to save and invest in more assets which on the one hand, will create an additional source of passive income for you and on the other hand will add additional financial security to your life and your next generations.


Many people all over the world are enjoying a luxury lifestyle. Why shouldn’t you?

3rd step: use the cash flow generated by your investments, to pay for your luxury stuff and/or purchase more assets, which in turn will keep producing even more additional income and so on and so forth…

Do you think all this sounds very interesting? I’m sure you do. Because you understand that this is a real and probably the only path you can follow nowadays if you are really serious about becoming wealthy.

In the next articles I will post over the next days, we’ll see each one of the 3 steps described above separately.

In the mean time be happy and stay tuned, because I want you to become a rich SFI Affiliate. Consequently I will too.  🙂

Wanna make money? Plan your work and work your plan.

Building Something GreatOne of the main reasons why I usually succeed in my businesses, is because I use to decide first of all, even before starting to work at it, how much I want to earn with it and when.

That’s my way to be always highly motivated and enthusiastic, especially at the beginning, when of course the earnings can only be close to zero.

So it’s very simple: I set my goal and the milestones on the way to these goals, then I prepare the simplest plan possible to go from where I am now to the preset goal, passing through all those milestones I previously identified.

Once this is done, I simply start my journey and never stop until the goal is achieved.

I imagine at this point your question could be: “how can I setup an achievable and tangible goal if I just started a new business that I don’t know yet?”

Well, the answer is really simple: just spend most of your time during the first weeks, studying everything about your new business. If you really want to succeed in any kind of business in this world, It is 100% your responsibility to get all the knowledge you need to get there.

You need to perfectly understand and be part of the new context you just entered. That’s the only way for you to be soon aware of the huge income producing potential you definitely have as a SFI Affiliate.

SFI offers a vast amount of training and information on his website, so of course I won’t treat this subject in this post.

Rather, I just want to show you briefly how I have fun with my Excel worksheet, while setting up my highly motivating goals once I’ve fully understood the context I am working in.

One thing to know is that if I start a business, it’s because since the very first day I keep this indestructible conviction always present in my mind:

“If someone really makes money with this Company, for sure I will be one of them.”

It’s a kind of magic thing for me, as it ALWAYS works! 🙂

Then I start to plan, but my problem is that I am not very good at planning long-term goals. So I start questioning myself about stimulating short terms goals, quite easy to achieve and from where I will be able to see better the next one.

You know…I’m not very good at seeing around the corner until I have reached and turned the corner.

So usually, my first goal IS the corner, knowing that once this first “corner” has been achieved, I’ll have better skills, more experience and even more self confidence than now, which will allow me to start the new easier run towards the “next corner”.

And, what is even more important, I know that the run itself will be a lot of fun for me, whether I’ll achieve my goal sooner or later (not achieving the goal is not an option).

As an example, The 3-step plan video is a full strategy which has been prepared taking full advantage of this corner concept.

But, to understand what I mean, let’s see for instance how I would create the plan to run to the first “corner”:

– How to build a 500$/monthly passive income within 12 months.

First of all: what does “passive income” mean in this case?

Passive income is money that you keep receiving month after month, thanks to an asset that you have previously created.

So, it’s clear that first of all you have to create the asset. But, what is an asset?

An asset is something that you own, which every day/month/year, keeps pumping money into your pockets, even if you are sleeping, on holiday or playing golf, as it doesn’t require your physical presence to keep producing money.

How can we create an asset? Investing time or money. Or both!

As a SFI Affiliates, what kind of asset can each one of us create? A downline! – Our own downline of SFI Affiliates and TC Members is our asset from which we receive our passive income.

The bigger your downline, the more passive income and free time you have. Isn’t it exciting?

So, how can I create a huge downline with hundreds and thousands of Affiliates and TC Members in it, producing thousands of dollars in passive income every month, when I start from zero? No idea!

That’s normal. Nobody has any idea about how to succeed, when starting a new business or a job or a sport that have never practiced before.

So, if I were a 9-year old boy dreaming about being a tennis champion of the universe, I’d better start taking some basic lessons, keep practicing, train, participate to some local tournaments, then regional, national, international, intergalactic and so on and on…  ; )

In the same way, as a SFI Affiliate you can also participate and win your very first “local tournament”, which will give you more confidence allowing you to achieve better and better results.

Here is an example:

Problem: how can I build a downline able to produce a $500 passive income within the next 12 months?

– Inputs from SFI’s compensation plan: 

DIRECT COMMISSIONS – Increase your earnings by generating sales at Each time someone you’ve told about TripleClicks or SFI buys something at, you earn a sweet 45% CV Direct Commission!

TRIPLECLICKS EXECUTIVE POOL – Maximise your income with sponsoring and duplication: The KEY to creating a major income in SFI is by learning to lead and grow a TEAM of active SFI affiliates. VersaPoints Matching means that every month you can get matching shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool on every affiliate under you within up to 12 generations downline

– Solution: 

$500/month in direct commissions. At the beginning of your business you could consider working mainly personally, developing your first generation as much as possible, while learning how to create duplication in your team and lead an entire downline of people which will be soon 12 generations deep.

Consequently your income in this first period will be generated mainly by Direct Commissions, on which you can have a better control. These serious PSAs will be the seeds to start later on, the duplication process in your team to let explode your income thanks to the EP (Executive Pool).


$500/monthly in direct commission = 35 PSA (Personal Sponsored Affiliates) who have ideally these two standing orders in place: IAHBE and and 125 tCredits Pak.


Standing Orders Direct Comm. N. PSA Passive Income
IAHBE: $6,98 35 $244
125 tCredits: $7,95 35 $278
TOTAL: $523

So now the question is: how can you have these 35 serious PSA in your first generation in 12 months time?

  • 35 serious PSA means sponsoring just 3 new serious PSA per month over 12 months.
  • In order to sponsor 3 new serious PSA per month, you need to sponsor at least 30 PSA per month (bear in mind that your market is the entire world, billions of people).

You’ve started and now realise that 35 PSA/month are not enough? No problem; try with 300 per month. Anyway you will improve this ratio all along the way.

So, how can you sponsor 300 PSA per month? Your new SFI Marketing Center provides you with all the proven methods and aids you need. It’s just up to you to choose the ones you prefer and use them persistently, according to your goal.

But the easiest way of course is the Co-op, which can provide you with no effort, all the PSA you need to work your plan, every month.

You also have another option: find a plethora of excuses and give-up once you find the very first obstacle on your way.

But remember that what makes winners different from losers, is their willingness to overcome obstacles and standup again each time they fall. Until they win.

The right path to financial freedom

Very often, I take a close look at my SFI Genealogy Report, just to see who are the most active Affiliates in my downline, see their faces, where they come from, what they suggest, what they have done so far in this business, and ultimately imagine how their life currently is and how it could possibly improve in just a few years, as a result of what they are doing today.

This is really a fantastic way for me to spend some moments just relaxing, while my mind is flying from one Country to another and “meet” these beautiful people, experiencing the wonderful feeling of having been able to do something useful and helped them to improve their financial future and consequently, their lives.

The positive impact on other people’s lives we all can have as SFI sponsors, I think is definitely the best aspect of our business.

But automatically, this practice also obliges me to see how many inactive affiliates are “sleeping” there in my downline.

Even if I’m already aware of that, It always surprises me to see that the majority of my downline affiliates are totally inactive and I wonder: “as all these people are persone-che-dormonocertainly interested in making money (otherwise they would have never signed up as Affiliates) how come that they are not willing to move a finger to build their secure income?”

I can understand some of them, let’s say 10%, have some real good reason (I don’t know what is, but probably some good excuse really exists ; ), but what about the remaining 90% of those inactive affiliates?

You know; I started this business from scratch only a few months ago and I immediately started to make very good money. So from my position it’s hard to understand how other people still cannot see the same huge opportunity I saw when I ricco_felicewas in their same situation just a while ago.

I really think that 100% of people interested in making a lot of money online can only be very interested in building their own SFI business. Rather, this is actually true for a much smaller percentage of current Affiliates. Why?

Well, in my opinion the answers are the same causes that, especially in the so called “developed Countries”, keep people in a situation of poverty, making it very hard for them to get out of it.

These causes are with no doubt; ignorance and fear. Where probably fear is the direct consequence of ignorance.

Majority of people in these countries in fact, still have a mentality that leads them to seek first of all for “job security” rather than wealth and freedom. Just because since they were at school, they have been taught the same concept made famous by cercando_lavoroRobert Kiyosaki’s poor dad: “get good marks, find a job, save money, live frugally  get out of debt”.

Which is probably the concept which has contributed the most, to create the unbelievable mass of poor people we have today in the developed Countries, where the majority of people is more willing to loose part of their freedom seeking for a traditional job as employee, helping other people (…their boss rather than themselves) to become richer and richer, rather than starting their own business with a vision more oriented to an entrepreneurial future, which could rapidly create higher income and more free time to better enjoy their lives.

Even if it sounds just like a no-sense to me, I can understand that, because everything depends on what people consider to be risky or secure.

In fact I realise that I have probably been quite lucky when I was young, as I have never been an excellent student. Consequently, I always had quite clear in mind that if I really wanted to be rich I definitely had to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee.

Just because even if I was an average student, my ambitions and dreams have never been “average dreams” and very soon I became perfectly aware that in the ragazzino_sognanteongoing hard competition of the employees’ world, where only one out of thousands of people can attain a relevant and well paid position, my chances of being that “lucky” one were probably close to zero and so were my odds of fulfilling my dreams.

Furthermore, I never conceived myself as someone able to put the control of my financial future (hence my entire life) in the hands of someone other than myself. I always considered this really risky!

The idea of asking someone to hire me, was something close to the idea of selling my freedom just to work for the rest of my life for a very limited salary, with the only “security” of never being able to get out of the average level and the additional high risk of falling one day or another even lower than that, depending on the mood of my potential bosses.

For the majority of people worldwide this above is exactly the idea of “job security“. For me it was the most risky thing to do. Opposite to all my dreams.

In a few words I’ve always had perfectly clear in my mind that the right path to become rich is certainly not to work for others.

I don’t wanna say that everybody in the world should be an entrepreneur of course. It just depends on everyone’s ambitions: if you feel a kind of frustration about what your current situation is, and you would like to achieve your deserved financial security, rather than an uncertain “job security” I think you’d better consider to start right now your own business, rather than looking for a traditional job.

Especially nowadays! In fact thanks to the information age in which we are living, it has never been easier to start a profitable business, even part-time without having to leave the current job.opportunità

Unfortunately for them, many people are still stuck in the old industrial age mindset and are still not able to perfectly “see” the huge opportunities available today.

In the same way, talking about Network Marketing, many people are still stuck in the old concept of what Network Marketing has been over the past decades and they are still not able to see what NM actually is now in the information age.

In fact, all limits that Network Marketing used to have in the past, don’t exist anymore. They have been totally swept away by new technology and the vision and skills of certain entrepreneurs like SFI’s President Gery Carson.

Today, Network Marketing opportunities like SFI, have nothing to do with the old limited concepts that made it an opportunity where only a small percentage of people were really able to attain outstanding results.

Why? Just a few clear facts to avoid making this post too long:

1) today you don’t need at all to lose friends and families stressing them until they hate you, just to sell them some product they are not interested in.

– In fact now your market is the entire world, you are not selling a specific and high priced proprofit-coopproduct and you can also participate to co-operative marketing initiatives, to get all the Affiliates you need to plan, build and consolidate your business.

2) Today you can’t say “I don’t have time”. You don’t need to take your car to go everywhere to make presentations of your products and/or opportunity, or attend long and tedious weekly meeting miles away from you.

–  In fact now you are basically sharing online a proven system which will work automatically for you, once you have set it up.

3) Today you don’t have to attend expensive seminars during the weekends.

– Everything today is much simpler, consequently the learning curve is much faster and you can do everything from your computer, even supported by your sponsor. For free!

4) Today you don’t have to invest in expensive initial kits and stock products in your garage.

– You start a sophisticated business like SFI, totally free and you will never have to buy, sell and ship any product.

5) Today you don’t have to wait ages in order to start earning seriously.

– As things are simpler and easier for everybody, a much higher percentage of Affiliates in your downline will become motivated and active, so your business can grow much faster and increase steadily your income month after month.

As you can easily understand, today Network Marketing opportunities like SFI are really for everybody. You just need to start getting involved somehow.

For instance; commit yourself today to get involved in your SFI business 30 minutes a uncle_samday, 5 days a week for at least 1 month.

Do this just with the aim of increasing your knowledge about it. Automatically you will get rid of all your fears and very soon, you will be able to create a business plan knowing exactly what to do month after month, year after year, to become rich.

Also, inform your upline sponsors about your commitment. They will monitor your results and start supporting you more and more.

In this moment you have one more exciting tool to help you get started right away; The Winter 2014 Leadership Challenge. it’s an easy contest which will allow you also to win nice and useful prizes.

Not sure if your business will work for you? Then you have an alternative: do nothing and you will be sure that you will never become rich.

As always; you are the only one responsible of your success or failure.

Do the right thing and start doing it now! One day you will be glad you did.

Great things for your SFI Business this Christmas

Fellow Affiliates, great things happening at your SFI team s Co-op!!!

In fact, at Proprofit they keep putting all their effort and experience to make our life easier while building our own SFI Business as real entrepreneurs.proprofit-coop

So, in occasion of the upcoming Christmas period they just came out with a new offer we can’t really afford to miss; I explain better.

For sure you know that currently at Proprofit, we can still enjoy the extended – mind blowing offers – which means getting different quantities of PSAs at $1 each!

Which means, for the one of you who are not perfectly aware of what Co-op Marketing is, getting the benefits of huge and high-performing targeted advertising campaigns running worldwide, without having to invest and risk huge amount of money, but only pay a very small part of that campaigns ($1 per PSA) and get guaranteed results in terms of Personal Sponsored Affiliates you will get.

This concept has revolutionized the way we all do professional Network Marketing, as it has literally swept away the biggest obstacle all networkers have had since Network Marketing was invented decades ago, which is as you know; how to recruit distributors.

All the above would not be possible if you would run a normal advertising campaign on your own. In this case in fact, even if you have the skills to do it, you can never know if your investment in advertising will produce enough Results (PSA) to cover the cost of your personal campaigns. Unless of course you do FREE advertising, which of course can also produce good results, but only if you are willing to invest a lot of time and effort rather than a few tens of dollars monthly.

offerte_natale_2014_3x2Well, now the extremely good news is: not only we can keep enjoying the so called – mind blowing offers, but starting now and until the end of december, IN ADDITION to that, all the batches of PSAs (Personal Sponsored Affiliates), are also offered with an extremely convenient PAY 2 GET 3 offer!

Let s see a practical example:


Let s say you want to participate to Co-op campaigns with $50.

Normally, with $50 you would get 20 Personal Sponsored Affiliate guaranteed ($2.5 each TripleClicks special price). Which is already a very good deal compared to the normal retail price of $4 for this quality of PSA.

But, as advertising campaigns made by Proprofit are currently optimized and performing very well, you can still take advantage of the mind blowing offers, which means that currently, with your $50, you can get 30 additional PSA absolutely FREE! So, for your $50 Co-op investment you get a total of 50 PSA at $1 each.

Well, NOW and only for Christmas time, in addition to that, you can decide to maximize your benefits asking a quantity of 2 while making your order for example here:

In this case you would invest $100 in your Co-op participation, but you would get an additional bunch of PSA for FREE! So, in this same example, you would receive a total of 150 PSA!

Can you imagine how you could boost your SFI Business with 150 new fresh PSAs to follow-up as taught by SFI?

The same principle is valid for all the other packages of PSA currently available at Proprofit (


I am sure you agree that all this is just GREAT!

Well, there are only 2 bad news you have to know:

proprofit-coop1) – these offers could expire before much sooner than the end of december as Proprofit expects a huge amount of orders and logically the number of PSA available cannot be unlimited.

2) – because of such huge amount of orders, the delay for you to receive the totality of your PSAs could be a little longer than what Proprofit get you used to. So please be patient while receiving your PSA.

That being said, you understand that orders will be accepted only until full completion of the forecasted PSA inventory, and these will be processed on a first come first served basis.

In a few words, don t wait too long to place your order or you risk to be too late.

And if you really want to see an explosion in your organization, be sure all your  Affiliates are informed about this Christmas offer!

All the best!

Earning only 100 dollars after 2 years in SFI? How is it possible?


I just received and answered to this questions coming from one of our fellow Affiliates:

“What about my sponsor who says that after 2 years of being active in SFI she is earning only 100 dollars? How is this possible?”

The reason is very simple my friend: the vehicle is the same for everybody, but each one decides what to do with it.

And what people decide to do with it, depends on how much they are willing to do the effort needed to perfectly understand and master it.

PersistencyBecause once they have REALLY understood that they have a huge earning potential in their hands, they start to be motivated and determined to do persistently, the things that need to be done to succeed. And nothing can stop them.

The problem for the average Affiliate is that they don’t do that initial effort, so they get stuck at the first obstacles they find on their way and they immediately start thinking they’ll never achieve big earnings.

And this of course will remain their reality as all the actions they can do will lead them to that only result they can get.

Just because whatever you believe is true.

Rather, once people become totally aware of the fact that SFI really allows them to achieve all their financial dreams, they start to work accordingly, giving their business the priority it deserves in their life, until they succeed.

So, what can you easily understand from the above? Just one great thing I hope: that being successful or unsuccessful in this business, depends exclusively on each one of us.

Which means having the total control of our financial destiny.

Isn’t it something?

Looking for winners


What I’m probably most curious about, in this exciting job as an Affiliate at SFI, is the natural process which gives birth to the new “serious” affiliates and future top earners.

Fab_jaguar_FTypeWhy? Because I think it represents also a kind of metaphor about what usually happens in life, where most people are poor and just a small percentage are rich.

The weird thing is that while in life this could even be a kind of comprehensible thing, because people often don’t have many choices (especially in certain Countries with restricted freedom and extreme poverty), in SFI it’s not comprehensible at all, because each Affiliate could have exactly the same chances of being extremely successful as all the other ones.

Nevertheless, even if each Affiliate is supposedly interested in making money and has 100% of the control of his own decisions, this doesn’t happen. Why?

Perhaps because the system doesn’t allow that? NOT at all!

I think the reason why this happens is quite clearly proven by what always happens each time I organize an online meeting to present the SFI opportunity to new Affiliates. I’ll try to explain:

Who are “new Affiliates”? They are people surely interested in making money who just signed up in order to get more information about the business.Webinar: The SFI 3-Step Plan, Our Path to Succes

So it would be normal for me to think: “if they know there is an informative meeting to attend, the great majority of them will be there. That’s obvious!”.

Well, the reality is exactly the opposite; the great majority of them not even make the effort to register (…for free) for the meeting. But this is not the weirdest thing.

The interesting thing is that normally only 10% of all the people who registered for the meeting, actually attend the meeting.

Is this a bad thing? Not at all! It’s just how life is. And we need to consider this while building our own business.

What is the problem with that 90% which each time doesn’t attend an event that they had already planned to attend? Well, let’s be realistic and let’s say that some of them really encountered some insurmountable problem like an extraterrestrial kidnapping, an explosion of their computer just a few minutes before the meeting, a strike of their internet provider company, etc. etc.

But what about all the other ones, where are they each time?

I think I can guess…because in the past years I received so many “good reasons” to justify these absences that I could publish and sell “the worldwide excuses catalogue”. : )

But actually the real problem is only one: the comfort zone.

In occidental Countries, the comfort zone in my opinion is the best ally of poverty.

Imagine the situation;

Tony is an employee with a salary which barely allows him to pay every month his home and TV loans and some other basic needs (…including beer and cigarettes). He feels the need to earn more. He’s also pigro-tvupset about his boss, who is making much more money than him, working less.

Tony has to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. For all his working life! He also knows that after 35 years of hard work, when he will retire, his financial situation will be even worse than today.

Right; he has a clear picture of everything. That’s why he feels the need to change something.

At lunch break he goes online, signs up at some “online business opportunity”. He feels a bit better because at least something in the good direction has been done.

But then he goes home; he finds his beloved smiling slippers, and his 80″ Class – Smart – 3D – HD TV screen that relentlessly calls him like an insidious mermaid. The remote control electronic 80" window is ready to be proudly grabbed for a full evening collapsed in the couch, to watch through the 80″ electronic window, what others are actively doing in the world.

The night rapidly arrives, it’s time to go to sleep, to be ready for a new day at work to make someone else a bit richer and himself a little bit more frustrated. And so on…year after year.

His situation won’t improve, but his slippers and TV give him enough comfort to draw him away from a different and brighter life. Doing something different could be tiring, probably risky…even painful; it would take him out of his comfort zone.

Is this a problem? Not at all, if this kind of life is what Tony actually desires. He needs something different, but probably he doesn’t really desire to get out of his “comfort zone” and do persistently something different from his daily routine.

Hence, is Tony the kind of Affiliate you are looking for in order to build a solid team for your SFI Business, also making him rich on the way?

Has Tony the kind of attitude that we could define as a “winning attitude”?

Of course not.

Does it mean that you have to stop prospecting, because all Affiliates you could find are the Tony style? On the contrary!

You have to pass through a majority of Tonys in order to find that kind of Affiliates that normally shows up at the meeting, who are really fed up of their grey routines and that above all, are not afraid at all of getting out of their comfort zone or even better…; they love to get out of their comfort zone if this means improving their lives!persone-entusiaste

You’re looking for People who are proactive, optimists, enthusiastic, determined, persistent and willing to do the right things to succeed.

In a few words; you are looking for real winners!

Ah…I forgot one thing; of course you’ll never find winners if you’re not a winner yourself. But the good news is that being a winner is an attitude that everybody can acquire. It doesn’t requires special capacities or experiences.

So, if you currently perceive yourself more like a “Tony” than a real winner, it’s not a hopeless problem.

Just switch your mind; start to act like a winner: stop complaining about your current situation or whatever other situation you currently dislike, start thinking exclusively to what you really desire and always bear in mind what Steve Jobs used to say: if you act like you can do something then it will work“.

Live you dream day and night. Feel it, hold it always clear, let it shine in your mind, live for it. Don’t allow your current daily life to sweep away your dream from your mind. Your dream has to be your daily engine, fuel and reason of your life. And what is most important, don’t have any incertitude at all: Be 100% sure that no matter how, your dream is nothing more than your real life in just a few years.Casa mia

The majority of people think that on the way to success, actions come first. I understood this is wrong. In fact, I strongly believe that thoughts and dreams come first before everything else. Then all the rest will come to you naturally and literally bring you towards the life you really dream about.

So, first of all: do you really have a dream? What is this dream? How would the best life you could ever imagine for you and your family be? Can you perceive the tastes, sounds and other feeling of that life? Try to breathe it. Let the life you deserve be free to enter your ADN. Don’t block it with your bad moods, be happy and let it be part of you since now.

A good place to start practicing your renovated attitude? The SFI goal setting page can really help you in this process. Use it every day and take it seriously; it will lead you where you really want to be.

Have fun and enjoy your business!