May Major Improvements

This month your Clubshop business takes a giant step forward

Here at Clubshop we only have one precise goal: to spread happiness worldwide. Yes, yes.. we know what has been said about “money doesn’t make happiness”. But we also know that happiness is what attracts money in your life, if that is actually what you want.

So, in a few words, if you want to be wealthier, first you need to be happier. It can’t be the opposite.

We Help People To Be Happier

That’s all that the Clubshop Business Cycle is about: we help people to be happier, so they make more money. The more money they make, the happier they are. And so on…

And once your financial worries are solved, well…it will be even easier for you to become even happier every day. Or at least it will be much easier to solve any other issue you could have in your life.

So, what can we humbly try to do to help people being happier starting today?

Only one thing: we need to build a safe, reliable, and robust vehicle, affordable for everyone.

Let’s say you’re depressed because you badly want to travel from New York to San Francisco, and the only way you can afford it is by foot. You could not even dream about being able to reach your destination. Could you?

Vehicle And Roadmap To Go Everywhere

But one day, I show up and I empower you with a roadmap and a brand new, solid and powerful Mercedes that you can use every time you need to go even further than San Francisco.

Of course, you wouldn’t get to San Francisco in a blink. But you could have a reasonable certainty that very soon you’ll make it there. And you’d start to be much happier right away. Wouldn’t you?

That’s exactly what the Clubshop Business Building cycle, empowered by its GPS, actually is.

A Reasonable Certainty

It’s that secure vehicle which allows you to get that “reasonable certainty”, which brings you more serenity and happiness starting today.

Your happiness is the fertile ground where you can let your wealth grow up in the months to come.

Can you see how your life is going to be once you are qualified as “Bezos,” earning at least $6 000 per month?

Your destination becomes closer

With the two new significant improvements we released in May, your vehicle got a real over booster which I’m sure, allows you to see your six-thousand-dollar-a-month destinations much closer:

  1. The community fee concept. Watch the webinar here in English, French, Italian.
  2. The Happiness Factory. Watch the webinar here in English, French, Italian.

The New COOP Shares with Happiness Factory Included

Never forget that this is a business. Not a charity. To earn money, you need to get results. Your GPS can only help you to make things easier and faster than a regular business.

Nevertheless, if you stand still, it will take much more time for you to generate a significant passive income.

100% of businesses in this world need customers, or marketing representative, or sales people, or affiliates, or all of these.

Your Clubshop business is not an exception!

It needs all of those elements too!

The only, huge difference, is that your GPS gives you all you need to get all of that with no effort at an incredibly affordable cost.

For example: is your business stagnating? You don’t see a lot of movement? Then don’t be passive! DO SOMETHING! Advertise more!


What? Are you saying that you don’t know how to advertise to get a decent number of new affiliates without risking a fortune?

That’s precisely why we have based the entire Clubshop business on the COOP Advertising Concept:

With the COOP Advertising Shares, you are sure you will get a precise number of affiliates for your team and enter them into the Clubshop Business Cycle. Period.

And now, included in each COOP share pack, you also get a precise number of GPS Basic, to give away for FREE, as per the Happiness Factory concept.

Be pro-active, be a leader!

Do you want to do even better? Get in touch with all your upline and downline partners, and ask them to order some COOP shares too.

If you all get together and work as a real team, instead of just being passive waiting for something to happen, you will certainly start to move towards your destination at complete different speed.

GPS Monthly Fee becomes even more ethical

The New “Community Contribution” Concept

Our business has a logic utterly different from all what you may have seen before. That’s why it works.

As requested by the ethical aspect of our business and by its logic as well, it’s vital that all sponsors even if they are not pro-actively working, could be useful for the entire community and themselves.

We are then introducing the concept of “Community fee” to give much more strength and stability to your business. It means that once your monthly income grows, your GPS subscription type changes accordingly. Are you happy with this strategical change?

Rock-solid stability

The above ensures that everyone gives an appropriate contribution, depending on their Clubshop current income, assuring the whole community a never-ending growth and rock solid stability. Isn’t that exactly what you really want?

We already included this concept in the new Cubshop business since the very beginning.

But, as we always want to keep meager the number of rules that manage this business, it was left to the common sense of each partner to decide when to upgrade to a higher GPS Subscription.

People from all walks of life

We realized it was wrong because we have to face reality: as the majority of people who join our business are people from all walk of life, they are not used to think and act like skilled entrepreneurs.

So, they usually tend to look at their immediate interest, instead of being focused on medium and long term goals and, even less, on their team’s medium and long terms goals.

Effective, Fast, Ethical

That’s why we think that our average partner needs to have their business optimized even in that vital aspect, which is the management of their progression through the Clubshop income titles.

So, with the new “community fee concept,” we want to help you all to pursue this progression in the most effective, fast, and ethical way possible.

Lead by example

Do you need a simple example of what is not ethical? Here you are:
Let’s say you are following the logic of this business, reinvesting part of your Clubshop earned income to upgrade your GPS. You do that because you know that with a higher GPS you can support much more your entire team (downline AND upline) and move faster through the income titles as a consequence.

But your upline partners instead of being the ones who led you by example, they don’t do it even if they are probably earning more than you.

So, what happened is that you are doing the right thing, but you are not happy because your upline partners are not supporting you and the entire community satisfactorily, as they are only earning on your shoulders without putting enough participation on their side.

Lack of skills, not mala fide

Most of the times, this wrong upline sponsors’ behavior is only due to lack of skills, not mala fide.

Nevertheless, it could be harmful to the entire community, so a solution was urgently needed.

You’ll love all this

I think we found it and I’m sure everybody will love it! Do you know why I know that?

Well, I don’t need to be a clairvoyant.

It’s just because you certainly prefer to have an entire downline packed with thousands of Premier Plus Partners instead of GPS Basic.

And this will be the logic consequence of all the above.

Do you want to have an idea of how much you can make per month with a GPS Premier Plus downline in place? Click here and play with the earnings calculator.

Click here to see how we put into practice the new community fee concept.

The world hates Network Marketing

Networkers Worldwide

On the one hand, it’s the best marketing system ever invented as it’s the most beneficial for all the parties involved: ordinary people (potentially the entire world population) and companies of all kinds.

On the other hand, it is probably one of the most hated things in the world.


This weird phenomenon is mainly due to the sharks.

The sharks are the real problem in Network Marketing.

They can be newbies or let’s say; “experts.” In both cases, these are people exclusively focused on their personal interests, instead of other’s people interests first.

Microwave mentality.

Generally speaking, they have a “microwave” mentality. Sharks can see their immediate interest, but they are not able to understand that if they keep being like that, tomorrow they will be broke again.

With this kind of attitude, the only thing they are looking for is the next victim to involve in the new “opportunity of your life,” get your money and disappear. Just to show up again after a while, with the following fantastic bullshit.

I’m sure you have already found someone like that at least once in your life.

I perceive this kind of attitude each time I hear someone talking about having to “convince” someone else to “enter” into something.

Each time I listen to someone talking like that, I perceive instead: “I have to cheat on someone, get their money and move to the next one.”

Shark Vs. Leader

Instead, when you are not a shark, but an honest person working at a genuine business opportunity, you know that other’s people interest is the only thing you care.

And you also know that what you want is to be a true and respected leader in your unique business, instead of being an extra in a multitude of “opportunities of your life.”

Your destiny is the natural consequence of your attitude:

A) Sharks keep being broke and hated.
B) Real leaders can achieve unlimited success, and thousands of people love them.

You merely need to be genuinely enthusiastic and let people know your true story. Which basically, explains the reasons why you love so much your business. They will decide if they like it too, or not. Not you.

The good thing in our business is that you don’t need to be a salesperson and you don’t have to convince anybody. That’s why, everybody can be highly successful.

So, now you can say:

“how can I show my enthusiasm if I have nobody to talk to?”

I understand. In fact, that’s why we have designed the Clubshop business the way it is today and combined it with the GPS and the COOP Marketing concept.

GPS and COOP are tools which allow you to interact with tens, hundreds, then thousands of people like you, with zero effort but a lot of fun.

Your growing income will be the natural consequence of your honest and generous attitude, while you patiently watch your GPS working for you 24/7.

Click here to login into your Clubshop Business Center now, and start helping others (and yourself, indirectly).

Anticipating the future

How you can help us to make your Clubshop Business stronger and more reliable.

In our particular industry, became very dangerous for companies like ours, to blindly trust merchant accounts (companies which allow accepting credit cards payments) and traditional payment processors.

Why this? It’s not a secret that many of them have already destroyed otherwise healthy online companies.

The scam scheme is always the same one: they allow you to start accepting payments through their system for a certain period.

Once you have received a significant amount of payments, they simply freeze your account with no real reason. They just send you an email saying that they cannot continue to work with you and that your funds are blocked for 180 days.

As you can imagine, these people have previously protected themselves with a 100-page unreadable contract, that any way you were obliged to accept just to get started.

And you find yourself in deep trouble. Your customers/members/partners, don’t understand. They don’t want to hear any reason, and they just think that YOU are the bad guy. Not them.

But actually, it’s like blaming the victim of a robbery instead of the robber.

That’s why we’d like to prevent this scam from keep happening, to protect at least our (your) Clubshop business.

How can we do that? The answer is straightforward: using Bitcoin and other cryptos instead of “traditional” payment processors who currently have the real control of our (your) money.

Cryptos are becoming easier to use, safer and popular every day more.

If you’re not familiar with cryptocurrencies yet, you risk being cut off of serious businesses like ours.

That’s why I urge you to start learning more about Bitcoin right now, by clicking here.

Once you have a clearer idea, open your favorite wallet and get ready to use bitcoin because that’s where the world is heading.

Since always, at Proprofit, we are big fans of Bitcoin, Ether, and all other serious cryptos.

And the odds are that very soon, cryptos will be the only means of payment allowed at Clubshop.

Why? Because this is what allow us to pay you guys higher commissions and cashback, faster and securely.

So, once more please: start learning more about Bitcoin right now, by clicking here (you can select your language once there).

And above all, start doing the necessary to be ready to use Bitcoin as soon as possible. You need it!

You can only earn from your increased crypto-awareness.

Microwave oven or star restaurant?

What about you? Are you more microwave oven or star restaurant?

To all of us it has certainly happened at least once in life, but probably an infinite number of times, to look with admiration (or … with envy) those people who always arrive before us and manage to have enormous benefits from a given situation, compared to all other ordinary mortals that always come later.

Have you ever wondered why? We often think of them as simply more fortunate than ourselves. It is not so.

Visionary People

They are merely visionary people, willing to take risks, depending on nothing else than a vision. And that vision cannot be based on tangible facts but the logic common sense and a pinch of entrepreneurial spirit.

These people are willing to take risks, and they do it with pleasure. For sure not with anxiety or fear. On the contrary, they do it with optimism, joy, enthusiasm and, very often, altruism.

They are people willing to accept the typical problems and obstacles of an adventure in which they throw themselves before all others, driven solely by their vision and with full awareness of the difficulties and obstacles that this entails.

Very Often Is Too Late

Then, as always happens, all the others arrive. Those who do not accept the challenges, the difficulties, the failures, the risks are always late. When everything is ready, proven and correctly working. However, very often, it’s too late.

What they do not know is that success is built precisely on these bases and they believe that everything is due and everything must always work with no defects.

Also, above all, they think that everything must happen from one day to the next. Do you think that the first ones would not be happy with this too? We all want things to happen quickly. That’s precisely the reason why humans invented the microwave oven.

Instead of putting ourselves there to cook for tens of minutes or hours, we throw in a plate ready, and in less than two minutes it’s hot. Ready to eat.

The Creation Of Financial Stability

The creation of financial stability and the ensuing comfort and quality of life that ensues, are not made with a microwave oven. They are created in a starred restaurant, instead.

The starred restaurant requires talent, years of preparation, passion, joy, enthusiasm, respect for others. Even love for others, in the sense of enjoying the very fact of being able to give pleasure to others, even before themselves.

What do I mean with all this? I am sure that each of you, depending on your current mentality and consequent attitude towards life, will know how to recognize each other and therefore act accordingly.

If you are not satisfied with the position in which you realize you are, go to the other side.

Enjoy The Journey

That’s when you’ll start to enjoy the journey. Instead of only dreaming about a destination that, if you keep on with the wrong attitude, you will probably never be able to achieve.

Deo Juvante, Fab

We Make People Happier

…That’s our main mission 😄

Clubshop has really become the happiness factory!

We relaunched the new Clubshop platform only a few days ago and many partners have already achieved a significant monthly income.

When we created the new amusing Income Titles, not based on fried air, but on real income thresholds, we actually didn’t expect to see so many “Bloomberg”, Page, Ellison, Walton, Brin etc.. poppin’ up at such an unbelievable speed!

We’re actually very proud of that!

And what is more important for us is that they’re certainly a little bit happier than just a few days earlier. Fantastic!

I am pretty sure of one thing:

99.99% of world population older than 3 months would join us as Clubshop Partners, if they could perfectly understand what that means, how the GPS works and, last but not much they could potentially earn every single month.

Do you think it’s a little tiny exaggeration? 😎

Well, it’s not! And today you have an unmissable opportunity: you can see with your eyes what I mean.  Only then you’ll be able to judge if I’m just a dreamer, or not.

So, don’t miss the next webinar!

During this webinar, on Thursday, February 21st at 8:30 PM GMT (London time) I will introduce you the new version of the unique business which is going to create new generations of happier people worldwide!

So, now free up your schedule and get some really good time with us at our Happiness Factory 😄.

It could literally change your life in no-time.


Click Here And Reserve your free seat NOW!  You’ll be glad you did it!

See you later!

Fabrizio Perotti

Triple Your Shares

Only A Few More Hours to Get Your GPS With Triple COOP Shares!

Yesterday night’s GPS Special is going to expire in just a few hours. Click here to Get more info.

Interesting Questions

Our fast-growing community on Telegram is The place to be if you wanna learn.

Thanks to you smart people, and your interesting questions, our Telegram Chat gives us the opportunity to reply directly to what really matters to you. That’s great because this allows us to really enrich the upcoming FAQ section of our website with truly valuable content.

In the meantime, enjoy this conversation we had yesterday with Francesco, one of our new Italian Partners.

How can we earn cash-back from all those Stores?

The answer is very simple. Merchants pay us a commission each time a clubshop Member makes a purchase. The commission is shared like this: 50% goes to the member who made the purchase. Six generations of upline partners share 40%. The remaining 10% remains with the company.

Is this business model viable?

Absolutely! In fact, the store is happy because we bring them customers and increase their loyalty. Customer are happy because they accumulate cashback. Sponsors are happy because they earn ongoing commissions. Here at Proprofit we are happy because we are remunerated for the marketing strategy we manage.

What “Cashback 5% exactly means?

It means that if, for example, you spend $100 in a store that displays that cashback percentage, you automatically earn $5.

This also means that an additional $4 commission is shared, as per our unique “inverted percentages” compensation plan, to the 6 generations of partners upline. $1 dollar will remain to the Company.

I urge you guys to get to know very well the shops available in your Clubshop Mall and invite you to use them as much as possible for yourself. And, of course, make you sure your teammates know them too.

You’re paying higher percentages for purchases made in my deeper generations. So, I’d better invite the big spender I know, after the other ones. Is that correct?

The system was designed precisely because you do not have to make calculations and predictions about who is better, or who spends more or less, or who is more or less friendly. It is designed to help everyone without distinction. Automatically encouraging everyone to build depth rather than keeping people in the first generation. In this way, everyone truly helps everyone.

So, as a partner, enjoy watching your GPS at work building the organization for you. If you want, you can even invite your contacts to register through your referral link. The system takes care of the rest. Optimizing the business building process for them and for you accordingly.

The communication flow among your teammates is optimized depending on the events which may occur at every moment.

And of course the system will continue to be improved along the way.

How many elements in the first generation do you advise me to have; 3, 5?

The system is set up to complete your first vertical line of partners, feeding your “Bottom Pool”, until you have 6 generations of partners. At which point it starts building your second vertical line, then the third one, and so on, up to the 6th one.

At that point, when you have completed your 6 vertical lines, you can configure your system to feed the pool of someone else within your 6 lines, to speed up the completion of their 6 vertical lines.

I do not have to worry about anything nor will I ever see my tree, just a list of names.

Partners are able to see the Group Report updated in real time. It shows your entire organization of Partners and Trial Partners. You can see shoppers and affiliates see in their respective reports.

Partners can also see their commissions credited to you in real-time.

I have 1 shopper, 18 trial partners, 1 partner, and 11 affiliates … What “affiliates” stands for?

Affiliates, if they remain such, are shoppers who also have the opportunity to invite members and earn commissions on any purchases made by them. They can only earn direct commissions. At any time, however, they can decide to become Trial Partners and Partners.

Perfect … So I can invite my contacts with my two referral links: partners and shoppers or partners and affiliates?

You can invite people to join as Shoppers or Affiliates. Knowing that all of them can change the type of membership at any time. For example, a person may have registered as a shopper because he is interested in Cashbacks. Then he realizes that if he invites someone he allows others to accumulate cashback while he earns ongoing commissions automatically. So he decides to become an Affiliate.

And, once he’s an affiliate, he can realize that he can also become a trial partner to see how GPS works. Then, if he likes to, he caneven become a Partner with the most suitable GPS type.

As a partner, you must always keep in mind the basic concept: you are the owner of a huge shopping center that allows worldwide consumers to accumulate cashback on their every-purchases. GPS is a strategic tool that allows you to have thousands of potential customers roaming around your shopping center. They will make purchases when they want to. It’s up to us to give him the reasons to desire to do that with as much frequency as possible!

The presence of two referral links is superfluous.

It depends on how you feel like marketing your business. If you target shoppers you will use a link type. If you prefer to target affiliates/partners, direclty, you will use the other.

My friend Giuseppe added:

“I would like to add what I believe to be one of the most important aspects of our business model. Obviously, everyone can devote to his ClubShop business all the time he wishes. But, actually, we designed an awesome automated system, bearing in mind all those millions of people worldwide who, due to normal work commitments, family, etc., have neither the time nor the energy they would necessarily need, to increase their monthly income through extra work or a more “traditional” and risky business opportunity.”

That’s the genius of the whole thing. Congratulations to everyone!” 👌

This conversation we had on Telegram was just great. Wasn’t it? Don’t miss the opportunity to meet other brilliant people like you. We’ll be delighted to greet you there. Click Here To Join Us On Telegram.

I know that now you’re thinking…: “what the hell Lenin has to do with us”? Nothing! In fact, the guy above is not Lenin. He’s our friend Giuseppe Francavilla with beard and mustache! 😂😂😂😂