Bid & Build: nothing like this has been invented before


Fellow SFI Affiliates,

I just realised many of you are not perfectly aware of the new program launched a few IMG_6051days ago by our President Gery Carson.

I’m talking about the Bid & Build Program!

I truly think it’s one of the most revolutionary things ever invented in the Network Marketing industry. It’s the realisation of the dream of all professional Networkers, which consolidates SFI’s worldwide NM leading position even more.


Network Marketing success is based on three fundamental aspects. Without these three aspects in place, you will never earn a significant income with your NM business:

1) personal use of products and services offered by the NM Company.
2) recruitment of some serious personal affiliates
3) ongoing duplication of the two points above

The Bid & Build program is a FANTASTIC incentive for all of us to keep using the CostruttoriCompany’s product (TCredits), while we automatically see new Personal Sponsored Affiliates dropping into our frontline in a way that 100% of people worldwide are able to duplicate.

Isn’t it fantastic?

How can this be possible? It’s very easily explained:

  1. Now our TCredits are always well spent: when the Bid & Build Program was not in place, many of us felt a bit frustrated after having spent TCredits on a Pricebenders auction without winning it. Not longer, as now each bid we make is a credit earned, which will make buying and spending tCredits more fun. This will obviously result in much higher commissions for everybody.
  2. Now each time we bid and accumulate 50 TCredits, we automatically get 1 PSA to help build our SFI Business!
  3. Now there are no excuses: everybody is able to recruit Affiliates worldwide simply using one finger to click! And, more importantly, all your new Affiliates are able to duplicate this process infinitely.

All this means that you, just like a Professional Networker, could see your team and your monthly income growing up, month after month, as the automatic consequence of the fact that people use happily the Company (TripleClicks) products.

But of course, as usual, the duplication process can only start and keep going, if we personally give the good example to our team.

bid&buildDon’t expect your team to carry out actions that you don’t personally do.

During this first 30 Days of the B&B test period, there is a limit of 2 PSAs per day we can earn. We all hope this limit will be removed soon. But it depends on how popular this program will be among all of us.

So let’s show with facts to our President, that we love the program but we don’t like very much this limit!!! How can we do that?

Very simply: let’s just use the program now as much as possible! Let’s bid like crazy on the every day auctions! 🙂

Read all about B&B Program here.

Bid, have fun and enjoy your success!

Fabrizio Perotti – SFI PTL

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