Be happy and you will prosper!

Dear SFI Teammates,

Thanks to each one of you guys, my SFI Business in 2014 has just been great. It will be even better in 2015 only if YOUR personal SFI business and income will increase Fab-Athensmonth after month.

So you can easily understand why in 2015 I will have one and only priority: to support each one of you (I mean the serious and motivated ones) to build a solid stream of passive income, in order to achieve the lifestyle you deserve and dream of.

But of course, the results you deserve depend exclusively on you, on your faith, persistency and burning desire. If you feel you don t have these three essential assets of your entrepreneurial status, probably you’d better try to look for a 9-to-5 job as an employee or similar, and forget your dreams about becoming wealthy and free through this kind of business.

If today I can consider myself a successful SFI Affiliate, with an even brighter future ahead, it’s just because since the day I signed up, I understood SFI was the right and only vehicle to use to achieve my financial freedom by helping thousands of people worldwide to do the same.

That’s my contribution to make the world a better place. It’s thanks to this clear mission I New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background
had since the beginning, that I could work at SFI day and night with great enthusiasm, while having a lot of fun. The financial rewards I got, are just the natural consequence.

And this is what I wish you for 2015 and the years to come: find in your soul the real purpose of your life, that mission which will empower you to pursue your dreams with the same joy, enthusiasm and passion.

Be happy and you will prosper!


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