How to help people you care about


I love our business because as SFI Affiliates, the entire world is our market.

banner449Each one of us can easily build a profitable downline with thousands of people from the 5 continents. So, of course no needs to bother friends and family if we don’t want to.

Nevertheless, many of us may have a big contact list with people potentially interested in saving money or making money online. So, no reason to exclude people you care about, from the opportunities offered by SFI and TripleClicks.

I think one of the best and easiest way to inform all of them, is using the wonderful e-Cards available at our Marketing Center.banner432

You just have to choose the card you prefer, add your recipients, a few words if you want, and send it! It’s completely FREE.

You can send up to 10 E-cards per day, it means 300 E-cards per month, 3600 per year!

So, if for instance you have a mailing list with 100 people, you can send 3 different E-cards per month to each one of them.

Do it until they signup or ask to be removed from your mailing list.

Make of this one of your daily tasks. It takes just a few minutes and it could be very beneficial for you and for all your recipients.

Have fun!

no-spamBE CAREFUL!: as outlined in the SFI Affiliate Agreement, SFI maintains a ZERO tolerance policy towards the sending of SPAM (

We’d better do the right thing now!


Sometimes in this kind of business, we can have moments were our faith about Fab-Athensbecoming successful become really thin. That’s part of our job and it will always be like that, at least until your monthly income will start to be really significant.

But overcoming these bad moments it’s what really makes the difference between successful entrepreneurs and the mass of unsuccessful quitters.

Who are the majority of people worldwide.

Being a winner or a quitter only depends on each one of us. We are the only one responsible for our own success. In a business based on being the good example and starting the duplication process, the actions we do today are the ones our team will do tomorrow.

Confirming our EA or TL status each month is just one little step towards our success, as well as losing our rank is a little but secure step towards our failure.

Bear in mind that how good or bad our life will be in the future, it will depends on the decision and actions we take every day. That’s why we’d better do the right thing now! ; )

tcreditsIf you need ideas on how to confirm your Rank this month, click here.

Also, bear in mind you can easily get 1500 VP and qualify instantaneously as EA, placing an order for a 125 TCredits pack.


Bid & Build: nothing like this has been invented before


Fellow SFI Affiliates,

I just realised many of you are not perfectly aware of the new program launched a few IMG_6051days ago by our President Gery Carson.

I’m talking about the Bid & Build Program!

I truly think it’s one of the most revolutionary things ever invented in the Network Marketing industry. It’s the realisation of the dream of all professional Networkers, which consolidates SFI’s worldwide NM leading position even more.


Network Marketing success is based on three fundamental aspects. Without these three aspects in place, you will never earn a significant income with your NM business:

1) personal use of products and services offered by the NM Company.
2) recruitment of some serious personal affiliates
3) ongoing duplication of the two points above

The Bid & Build program is a FANTASTIC incentive for all of us to keep using the CostruttoriCompany’s product (TCredits), while we automatically see new Personal Sponsored Affiliates dropping into our frontline in a way that 100% of people worldwide are able to duplicate.

Isn’t it fantastic?

How can this be possible? It’s very easily explained:

  1. Now our TCredits are always well spent: when the Bid & Build Program was not in place, many of us felt a bit frustrated after having spent TCredits on a Pricebenders auction without winning it. Not longer, as now each bid we make is a credit earned, which will make buying and spending tCredits more fun. This will obviously result in much higher commissions for everybody.
  2. Now each time we bid and accumulate 50 TCredits, we automatically get 1 PSA to help build our SFI Business!
  3. Now there are no excuses: everybody is able to recruit Affiliates worldwide simply using one finger to click! And, more importantly, all your new Affiliates are able to duplicate this process infinitely.

All this means that you, just like a Professional Networker, could see your team and your monthly income growing up, month after month, as the automatic consequence of the fact that people use happily the Company (TripleClicks) products.

But of course, as usual, the duplication process can only start and keep going, if we personally give the good example to our team.

bid&buildDon’t expect your team to carry out actions that you don’t personally do.

During this first 30 Days of the B&B test period, there is a limit of 2 PSAs per day we can earn. We all hope this limit will be removed soon. But it depends on how popular this program will be among all of us.

So let’s show with facts to our President, that we love the program but we don’t like very much this limit!!! How can we do that?

Very simply: let’s just use the program now as much as possible! Let’s bid like crazy on the every day auctions! 🙂

Read all about B&B Program here.

Bid, have fun and enjoy your success!

Fabrizio Perotti – SFI PTL

Choose to be successful

Do what leaders do!

I think being successful in our business is much easier than any traditional businesses, because the dimension of our own success just depends on our own beliefs, motivation, Fab-Athenscommitment and, above all, our coachability; that condition of being coachable, which allows us to follow the example of all those who already achieved their success or are on their way and are seriously committed to achieve it.

In a few words, the above means that everything depends on us: we just have TO CHOOSE to be successful. But we can also choose to be unsuccessful. And unfortunately, for what I see, the latter is what the majority of Affiliates use to do every day.

An example?

Worried about the economy? Do what successful people do.

We all can easily see whenever we want, what successful SFI Affiliates do. For instance you just have to check pages like the Top Sponsor Leaderboard and click to see the snapshot of each one of the serious Affiliates listed there. Well, you will notice that among all the badges, apart from one single exception, 100% of those Top Sponsors have the Fast Track Badge listed.

In the past days, we all read a lot about the big benefits of the New Fast Track Program and the possibility all Affiliates have until October 17th to go Fast Track too.

Well, now there are only 3 days left to grab this opportunity the Company gave us, but so far only a too small percentage of Affiliates has taken it.

But, if you see with your eyes that 100% of successful people do certain things, and let’s say you want to be successful too, how can you think you can make it too, without doing things all successful people do? Can you think all those people are kind of weird and lucky guys who achieved success just by chance?

No needs for me to give you the answer. We all know it.

So again, it simply confirms we just have TO CHOOSE to do the right things to be successful OR unsuccessful.

Don’t know yet what the Fast Track program is? You can click here and check it out.

Have fun and enjoy your business!

Fabrizio Perotti – SFI PTL

P.S.: you are not an SFI Affiliate yet? Join us now!

How to increase your revenue helping Companies worldwide


Q: Are we allowed to include new Merchant in TripleClicks Store?

A: finding new merchants for TripleClicks is one of the most important aspects of our business; the more valuable stores are included in our Shopping Mall (TripleClicks) TripleClicksthe more valuable our whole opportunity is.

That’s why TripleClicks already provides us with the possibility to contact merchant worldwide and include them FOR FREE, in our shopping venue. In this way, these companies are empowered to sell their products to millions of TripleClicks Members worldwide, counting also on the force of tens of thousands of SFI Affiliates focused in promoting TripleClicks and its stores, daily.

So, all what you have to do, being perfectly conscious that YOU (and not vice versa) are the one offering a huge opportunity for free to all those companies, is to get in touch with them and offer to signup for free as ECA at TripleClicks.

That is very easy as you just have to let them signup through your ECA (E-Commerce Associates) Gateway you find listed here (For this purpose, you can also use a custom domain. As an example, see the one I currently use: which is automatically linked to my ECA Gateway).

If you need ideas on how to signup more ECAs, check the ECA section at our Marketing Center.

You can also find some Marketing Aids for the ECA Program here.

Are you wondering what is your compensation for signing up an ECA? Check it out here.

And bear in mind that through the TripleClicks ECA (E-Commerce Associates) program, we’re already partnering with companies and businesses across the globe to create one of the Web’s premier shopping destinations.

TC is currently partnered with 6,793 ECAs from 168 different countries–representing tens of thousands of products of all kinds.

So don’t forget that you can individually promote your favorite ECAs’ TConnect pages (the “store within a store”) and earn 45% CV commissions on all sales you generate, PLUS all the VP for the order! Even if you are not the referrer of these ECAs.

Signing up ECAs can be fun, lucrative and very useful for the development of the overall SFI business.

You just need to plan in advance your daily work and enjoy it!

Interviewed about SFI Business


Fabrizio PerottiLately, I’ve been…”interviewed” by one of my awesome PSAs: Vladimir Golovashev of Russia.

Q: what is the thing you love most of SFI?
A: The management with a great vision, who based the business on one single “product” which can virtually include anything that could be sold on this world (TripleClicks); products, services, games, etc…
Q: what are your prediction of SFI ( and your and mine:) growth in 5-10 years?
A: It will become huge. Read this article helps to understand why:
Q: what is the most important thing you would advise me to do?
A: I would concentrate my effort on the 3-Step Plan, following the duplication of your best PSAs until their 3rd generation. Discuss this with them, get their commitment, setup together with them their goals and monitor every day. If you don’t have at least 5 of them willing to follow this plan with you, keep sponsoring new ones until you get them.
Q: do you have less or more than 100 EA2 or higher in your first line?
A: more
Q: I have already lost some BTLs, STLs, what would you advise?
A: that’s normal, as said above, keep sponsoring new ones until you are sure you have your real good ones ( they must have built 3 generations deep).
Q: what platform would you advise me to use ( I want to set up my SFI blog) thinking about WordPress or blogger (at google)
A: wordpress
Q: how do you handle such a big quantity of PSAs?
A: it’s the system which mainly handle them. I also use the communication tools we have available at SFI, but then I just support personally only the ones who show real interest, commitment and need my help. I also try to offer quite often incentives such contests, in order to stimulate interest and excitement to help them focus on the right things to do.

August contest reserved to my PSAs


Fab Jaguar F-TypeDear Affiliates,

Together with my sponsor and friend Giuseppe Francavilla, we decided to offer even in august, the exciting contest reserved to our respective PSAs.

We called this contest “buy and grow,” because it allows you guys to enjoy products and services offered by SFI and Tripleclicks, having at the sometime the opportunity to make your downline explode! Isn’t it great?

Starting tomorrow, August 14th, and until the end of this month, each time you place an order of tcredits (50-100-200 packs), or you order a package of PSAs at Proprofit Co-op, I will personally reward you as detailed below:crescita

You will receive the following quantities of new PSAs in real time as soon as they sign up.

  • For every purchase of TCredits – 50 pack = 2 New PSA
  • For every purchase of TCredits – 100 pack = 5 New PSA
  • For every purchase of TCredits – 125 pack = 10 New PSA
  • For every purchase of TCredits – 200 pack = 15 New PSA

Place now your tcredits order here:

– For each package you order at Proprofit = 5 new PSA in addition to the lot purchased (example: Pack of 20 + 10 = 35 new PSA that you will receive)

Place now your Proprofit order here:

genealogyimageAs I’m still on vacation travelling around Europe, the prizes will be delivered as soon as I can, depending on the availability of an internet connection…so please don’t panic if you won’t receive your prizes immediately. : ) Thanks a lot for your comprehension.

Happy contest and enjoy your business!

Fabrizio Perotti – SFI PTL

– Leadership Page:
– Facebook: fabrizioperotti.sfi
– Twitter: FabrizioSFI

Can I set up my SFI business to run on autopilot? If so, how?

An Affiliate asked:

“Can I set up my SFI business to run on autopilot? If so, how?

Sure, but this must be your destination, not your vehicle.

Fab Jaguar F-TypeWhat I mean is that our goal as SFI Affiliates, is to become financially free.

Financially free means that you keep receiving a monthly passive income big enough to cover all the expenses of the lifestyle you dream about, without being obliged to work for that.

It is certainly achievable for you too, simply because using actively the proven SFI system for a few years, YOU will be able to build a solid network of REAL and active people working for themselves and consequently for you. This will happen only if you will be a positive and active example for them to duplicate.

That network will eventually be your solid and effective ‘autopilot’, which will allows you to run your business and actually producing the income you want with no more effort. But the only SFI Webinarreason we exist as SFI Affiliates, is exactly to initially work and build our own ‘autopilot’.

And you can do it having a lot of fun all along the journey, as the SFI community gives you  all the tools and training you need in order to build it… FOR FREE! You just have to persistently use some of your time and passion until your network is built.

So…have fun and enjoy the journey!

Seriously feeling helpless


One of my newest PSAs just emailed me very, very depressed, because of some Fabrizio Perottidifficulty he encountered during his every day tasks as an Affiliate.

I often receive this kind of message. I think the point is not what kind of difficulties each one of us can find on our way, but what our attitude is towards them.

Which, ultimately is what separates winners from losers.

The following is what I just answered to my demotivated friend:


Hi Friend, thank you for your message.

I have a question for you: what do you think sport champions, richest men in the world, great entrepreneurs, legendary artists and probably 100% of all other successful people in the world have in common?

I think they all traveled the same path of difficulties, obstacles and failures.

Which is also the same path started by a lot of other people who never succeed in their life.

What is the difference between these winners and these losers?

For me it’s very simple:

– winners take all those difficulties, obstacles and failures as ways to improve themselves, leoneaccumulate experience and knowledge, so they become stronger and stronger day after day. For them, giving up is not an option. They like challenges and they literally eat-up whatever could threaten their upcoming success. I like to see them as Lion type of people.

– losers use all those same difficulties, obstacles and failures as excuses to prepare themselves to quit with no regrets. They will feel good knowing their failure is not their fault, in fact they always blame external factors, never themselves. I can’t see them like lions as they look to me more like rabbit kind of people. coniglio

In SFI business, just like it happens in all other kind of big things, if you want to be a top earner, you need to be a Lion and be happy each time you have a new challenge to overcome.

You now why? Because this is what allows you to get the education, awareness and strength you need if you really wish to achieve your dreams.

The good news is that in this game, being a lion or a rabbit is just your choice.

Your wealth will be the result of how strong you became all along the way.

So…stop whining and start to enjoy the journey!

How should I build my Team?

This is a question I just received from an Affiliate:
“How should I build my Team now that I have 164 PSA’S + CSA’S?”
  1. BECOME AN AWESOME SPONSOR: SFI business is profitable for everyone, just because it’s simple and duplicable. We as Affiliates, don’t have to invent anything. In fact, thanks to decades of the Company’s on-the-field experience, we all know what works and what doesn’t. For instance, in order to build a strong team, you just have to be persistent in following these proven guidelines, on how to become an awesome Sponsor. The closer you are every day to these DO’s and DONT’s, the more successful you are going to be.
  2. KEY OF SUCCESS: when you feel frustrated wondering why your PSAs seem to be inactive, remember that it is perfectly normal in this kind of business, as I also explained in this post: The key of success