How to make money fast and safely – part 3


How insecurity and fear can be misleading sometimes..

In part 2 of this article about how to make money fast and safely, we understood that the ONLY obstacle which prevents people from making loads of money using an affordable, simple and reliable income generator system, is their insecurity (fear) which doesn’t allow them to really perceive an “easy” opportunity as something real.

Isn’t it excellent news?

Can you understand that today, what separates masses of people from wealth is not their experience, neither their skills, their intelligence, their knowledge, their contacts, their environment or what else you can imagine.

The one and only thing that today, take average person apart from wealth is their fear!

I think this is just great because It means that if people can get rid of their useless and misleading fear, they have immediate access to systems which can rapidly lead them to infinite wealth. Period.

A practical example which you can even start to follow right now? Here you are:

Imagine fear in this world didn’t exist and today you had access to an automatic incomebannerSFI425 generator system, designed to potentially build a $200,000 annual passive income for you.

Wouldn’t you be more than willing to invest about $80 per month to get the benefits of this system?

Of course you would! Can you imagine how your lifestyle would be, earning $200,000 dollars per year with all the free time you wish?

So why don’t you put that system at work for you right now? …fear maybe? 🙂


Here’s what the system called “The SFI 12-month plan to Financial Freedom“, based on the SFI and TripleClicks infrastructure and know-how, does for you:

1) AUTOMATIC GLOBAL RECRUITMENT: every month it places 50 people interested in making money online, who already signed up as SFI Affiliates, in your SFI network and provides you and all the participant Affiliates in your Network with 125 TCredits to spend at TripleClicks store.

2) AUTOMATIC VIDEO FOLLOW-UP: through an advanced follow-up video system, it constantly takes care of these Affiliates, informs and motivates them, with the goal of having ideally the 2% of them starting their 12-month plan too (1 upgrade out of 50 affiliates is enough to implement the plan).

3) AUTOMATIC DUPLICATION: it keeps duplicating the same system deep into your  SFI generations.

Now let’s talk about income, which I know, is the only thing that really matters to you 🙂

– The above system is designed to generate ideally 1 upgrade a month in your first SFI generation and duplicate the same pace in your deeper generations.

– It means that in 12 months you should have at least 12 upgrades (1 per month) in your first generation.

– Each upgrade in your SFI Network up to 12 generations deep, generates a $9 passive income for you.

The ideal duplication of your first 4 generations, would produce a $200,000 annual passive income for you.

Isn’t it the simplest strategy and compensation plan ever created? I want to repeat the core subject, which is the only thing that is of real interest for billions of people worldwide whose fundamental needs is to earn more:

Only 1 upgrade a month duplicated in your first 4 generations, would produce a $200,000 annual passive income for you.

Of course, in top of that and with no obligations at all, every single Affiliate will be able to benefit from all the other SFI and TripleClicks aspects and earn additional commissions: state-of-the-art online store, advanced business tools, over 90,000 commissionable banner432products and services available worldwide, the video game platform, the fantastic Pricebenders Auctions, the community of awesome people to interact with, the TC music store and much more to discover.

Since 1998, when SFI business was launched, millions of dollars have been regularly paid out every single month, to tens of thousands of Affiliates worldwide. I am one of them since 2012.

I can only wish you to get rid of your fear, grab the opportunity now and start receiving your first commissions next month!


How to make money fast and safely – part 2

How to make money fast and safely – part 2

In the previous part of this article on how to make money fast and safely, I talked about the Fab Jaguar F-Typemain reasons why I see some people becoming richer while others become poorer, and the difference between spending money and investing money.

Here I’m going to talk about what in my vision people really need in order to make money fast, build a passive income which lasts, and be free to live the prosperous life we all deserve.

And it’s very simple:

“people need to invest in affordable, simple and reliable systems, founded on the common sense and designed to fulfil important needs of the vast majority of local people as well as people worldwide.”

Just to be sure everybody understand what I mean by “system”:

“a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole which doesn’t require your physical businessAutomaticopresence to keep working”

Once you have access to a system which satisfies the criteria I described above, you can be sure you are going to make loads of money, as the natural consequence of you helping people to satisfy some of their most important needs.

I’m sure you agree with me. Don’t you?


“…It can’t work. It’s too good to be true”

The problem is that we the humans are something weird. In fact if someone tells us about an affordable, simple and reliable system which allows everybody to make money, what  our first immediate reactions are? All that kind of reactions which come from the reactive thought we have automatically: “it’s too good to be true”.

If we consider that something is too good to be true, we not even take it into consideration, or we immediately think it’s a scam or similar. We can even feel in danger, attacked, etc. etc.

In my opinion this automatic reaction is the result of an innate destructive insecurity.

Anyway here is where our insanity shows up. In fact the consequence of the above is that we keep considering as “good” only the same kind of “solutions” which have already showed clear proof that they don’t work as we wish.

That’s why we keep seeing so many people broke, desperate, fired or still slave to their boss, which keep considering as good, only the offers related to a “safe and secure job”.

"I like to work hard and make my boss richer!"

“I like to work hard and make my boss richer!”

Or we see even worse: people giving their life when they are at work making their boss richer, who inexplicably remain completely inactive after signing up for an online business opportunity which could really improve their life substantially (…does anybody know what I mean?  🙂

They keep on with the same way of seeing things which led them to the miserable situation where they are now.

I can not even imagine how many lives have been destroyed by the useless thought; “it’s too good to be true”.

Where does the ridiculous idea that only bad things can make you rich come from? 🙂

I always started my personal ventures with an opposite, more logical and constructive approach which sounds like this:

“It sounds so good that it can only be true”.

What would happen if you had this same mindset too, and you had the opportunity to make money by having access to an affordable, simple and reliable system, designed to fulfil important needs of the vast majority of people worldwide?

I’m sure you would grab the opportunity right away.


Or maybe not, if for instance you live in a country with very low buying power, where the average wage is let’s say $150. I understand that in this case investing even a few tens of dollars per month in your preferred system could be difficult.

So what? Do you think that having not even this little money should be a good excuse to give up trying to invest in the right system to become rich?

Don’t you think too that it’s actually a compelling reason to invest as soon as possible in a system which allows you to increase your income?

I learned that successful people never think “I can’t afford it”. They always think; “how can I afford it?. Then they always find a way to get what they want.

In the next and most important part of this article, we’ll see how you could actually offer yourself the access to the most affordable, simplest and reliable system to create a huge passive income and real prosperity for your life.

How to make money fast and safely – part 1

How to make money fast and safely.

Fabrizio Perotti's Head Quarter

Fabrizio Perotti at work

The majority of people out there keep thinking just like in prehistoric times: “making money fast and safely is impossible”.

But time have changed. Never in history has it been so easy and doable for people to make big money as fast as it is today. Obviously, this is thanks to the new technologies and know-how, that just 20 years ago didn’t exist at all.

For almost two decades now, I’ve enjoyed great passive incomes coming from my internet businesses, which allowed me to live the life I always wanted, with no bosses to serve, taking holidays or days free when I want, choosing to go skiing, playing golf or tennis when I feel like it and, most of all, the chance of being always available for my children while they were growing-up.

Since the ’90s when I started, I kept learning and accumulating invaluable experience just by observing the attitude and behaviour of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

So it’s quite easy for me to understand why certain people are rich and others are poor. Why some will become rich, or at least will improve significantly their lifestyle, and why some will remain poor and frustrated.

But don’t worry, I’m not gonna make here a long and boring essay on human attitudes and behaviours. 🙂

To make it very short, I’d just say here that unless they can change their life-leading Angry employees on strikeaxiom who says; “pay to work is wrong”, they will never make a significant change in their life.

Actually is not about “paying to work”. It is about “investing”. And “investing” is the opposite concept of “spending”: when you spend money you become a little poorer. When you invest money you are potentially richer.

I say “potentially” and not “surely”, just because ALL investments bring a component of risk, of course.

But think about it: the biggest risk you have is just that you could lose all or part of your investment. So what?

Is it really a big risk? Well, actually each time we spend money on every-day stuff we have the certainty we’ll be a little poorer.


So, wouldn’t it be wiser to invest, before spending? Your risk of being poorer would be certainly lower and eventually you could be able to spend the passive income generated by your investments only, and keep generating new passive income at same time.

Of course it would be wiser! Rather, 99% of poor people have nothing against spending money even on useless every-day items which make them poorer and poorer, while they consider that investing is “risky”. So they don’t invest a dime and remain poor.

It sounds weird. Doesn’t it?

Actually it’s not. It’s normal. It’s just about education: people don’t know what they don’t know.

It seems clear to me that at school they don’t want to teach us how to become rich. In fact the typical school system is undeniably designed to teach the masses how to become ricco_felicea good employee and make someone else richer, but yourself.

So we can keep thinking that the only possible reality is the one we are currently able to see, or start to perceive a new reality for ourselves based on something we are not able to see yet, but that actually exist. We just have to be able to learn how to see it and grab it.

In the second part of this same article on “How to make money fast and safely”, I explain my vision about how this could really happen for all of you guys too.  🙂

If you find this article interesting, feel free to share it and post your comments below!

SFI News: The Extraordinary Adventures of PROSPERMAN!

Dear SFI Teammates, great news for you today!

Screenshot iPad Episode 3We finally started to release The Extraordinary Adventures of PROSPERMAN!: an advanced and unique follow-up video system for all your Affiliates, to help you increase the ratio of Active PSAs, while opening their awareness of the huge income potential they have as SFI Affiliates.

You can start to use this system now…FOR FREE! ; )

You just have to ACTIVATE “Prosperman Video Follow-up System” IMMEDIATELY!: as soon as you receive a “New PSA Notification” email, forward it without changing anything, to

Your PSAs will receive immediately a confirmation email to click and opt-in.

Once they’ve opted in, they start to receive a new amusing Prosperman 1-minute episode every 3 days.

This extraordinary service is specifically designed to help you increase the ratio of active PSAs and it’s brought to you by Proprofit FOR FREE!

It means that you don’t have to pay anything, to be able to enter all your PSAs in our robot system.

SFI Prosperman

How to build a $200,000 yearly income in 12 months, mathematically!

Your Affiliates will be followed-up and automatically informed, through the amusing video episodes of Prosperman, about the benefits of the SFI 12-month plan to financial freedom, and motivated to start right away to build a $200,000 yearly income in 12 months using their SFI Business.

Which obviously allows you to follow the 12-month plan to financial freedom more effectively too.

Do you want to see how the system will work for your PSAs? Test it yourself too! You can activate it here now:

I am sure you will love this FREE exclusive service.

Happy Business and see you soon at Profit World!  ; )


Guess who the richest is…



Who do you think the richest is? The employee or the entrepreneur?

Generally speaking, real entrepreneurs are certainly richer than employees. Fab-AthensIt even sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

So, if you want to become wealthier than today, why would you want to keep your “employee mindset”?

If you are an active SFI Affiliate today, it’s because you have already taken a first important step towards an “entrepreneur mindset”. But of course this step alone is not enough.

If you want to succeed in this business, you really need to stop thinking like an employee.

In fact, I think the only obstacle this business has, is the fact that the vast majority of people who sign up as an affiliate, has been educated to be employees but not entrepreneurs.impiegato-timoroso

An evidence of that is the fact that probably the biggest fear the average affiliate has, is about investing money. Very often, their first goal is to be able to make money without having to invest a dime. Fine.

We all know that SFI business is totally free and we’ll never be obliged to invest money if we choose not to. But it’s true that the ones of us with an entrepreneurial mindset, have certainly an advantage over the ones without.

That’s because the “employee” type tend to do whatever he can to avoid investing money, which is exactly the opposite of what every successful entrepreneur does.

First of all, the “entrepreneur” type understands very well the difference
between “spending” money and “investing” money.

In a few words: when you spend money you are a little bit poorer, when you invest money you are potentially a little bit richer.

Hence, the wise entrepreneur is more willing to take some (calculated) risk citazioneImprenditorethan his friend; the wise employee.

The entrepreneur also understands clearer than his friend the employee, the essential concept of “ROI” – Return On Investment; the way of considering profits in relation to capital invested.

So let’s see below how we could use the ROI as a decision tool in our beloved SFI business.

For us of course, the most useful way to consider the ROI is when we want to invest some money in advertising to recruit PSAs.

So let’s say you want to invest $50 in some “Pay Per Click” campaign somewhere in the internet. $50 is a very small amount of money in the advertising world. So the odds of not getting even one single PSA from that little investment, are very high. Therefore in this unlucky case your ROI is certainly 0%.

Now let’s consider you prefer to use other people’s money to run big campaigns. In this case they are taking the big risk, while you can invest just a small amount and be sure you will get the specific number of PSAs (not just clicks) you need to plan effectively the growth of your business. Consequently, in this luckier case, your ROI could certainly be higher than 0%.

That’s why I definitely tend to suggest to all my SFI team to use powerful proprofit-coop-successtools like s-Builder, PSA to Go, Bid & Build Program, PSAs auctions, Team’s Co-op

When you invest in this kind of tools, you can be sure you get the number of PSAs you invested in, but of course you can’t know how much they will produce in commissions for you.

So how can we calculate the ROI in this happier case?

Personally, I use the statistics based on my personal experience. If you don’t have personal experience yet, use your sponsor’s one. Mine says that without forcing my PSAs, 2% of them become active and responsive to my communication and suggestions.

It means that 1 over 50 PSAs becomes naturally active. Then it’s up to me as their sponsor, to teach them the same profitable strategy I personally follow and duplicate.

Let’s say that strategy includes this investment for me:

1 pack of 125 Tcredits = $36.25
1 pack of 50 PSAs      = $50.00

My total investment: $86.25

Now, I know that among those 50 PSAs I got, only one is going to place the same Standing Orders as me as detailed above. It means that every month I will earn the following commission from his Standing Orders:

Monthly: $10.89
Yearly: $130.68

So I calculate my ROI as follows:

Yearly commissions earned: $130.68

– Investment: $86.25

= Net yearly Profit: $44.43

ROI: ($44,43/$86.25) x 100 = 51.51%

As you can understand, a ROI of 51.51% is absolutely outstanding if compared to any traditional investment. And that is just the beginning.

Why? Because of the duplication factor that this single active PSA represents for the exponential growth of the team.

Furthermore, all the other 49 PSAs who are not immediately active, still represent a real asset for your business as they can become active after one month, one year or ten years…

So when you invest in 50 PSAs, look closely at them, because all what you need is nothing more than 1 shining gold nugget!

And if you get 1 new gold nugget per month who duplicates the same strategy, you will be extremely rich in no time. Believe me!  🙂

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!


SFI, THE PLAN. How much can we earn with it?


I love THE PLAN released earlier this month.

Fab-AthensIn my opinion, to be even more effective, it should also include a clear table about how much we can potentially earn if we follow it as explained.

I understand perfectly that due to the nature of our business, the Company (SFI) cannot guarantee or make statements on how much anyone can earn. Just because this depends exclusively on each one of us.

But I love to play with numbers and plan my business depending on how much my team members and I, could possibly earn. This is a business, not a non-profit organisation, hence I think it’s absolutely legitimate to have first of all clear in mind how much we can/want to earn, and consequently perform the every-day tasks needed to achieve that specific ultra-motivating income.

That’s the only way people can really get fired-up and work day and night with faith, enthusiasm, passion and never give up.

My motto since I started working in Network Marketing is Seneca’s quote: “If one vento-a-favoredoesn’t know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable”.

We all experience this every day: when we don’t have perfectly clear what we are working for, we tend to do nothing and go nowhere. Any other thing becomes more important than our business.

Rather, when we can literally see where we’ll be in a few weeks, months, years from now,  we find an unbelievable power which allows us to sweep away all sorts of obstacles we could find on the way.

THE PLAN is really fantastic, but  again, it talks only about Ranks, AVP, SVP, etc., which for the majority of new Affiliates are meaningless abstract concepts.

I think the most tangible and simple concept to understand for everybody is this: “Dear spiegazione-chiaraAffiliate, here is how much you can potentially earn monthly if you follow THE PLAN, and what you have to do to make it work.”

We MUST be able to explain easily this essential concept, AND show actual figures.

So today I’ve been trying to translate THE PLAN in figures. I based my interpretation on facts and maths; below you can see the result:



  • You want 5 Diamond Team Leaders in your first generation.
  • Each VP currently worths $0.0004 (it could slightly increase or decrease in the future)
  • THE PLAN shows clearly 6 steps everybody need to perform; each step correspond to a new rank achieved. Each rank achieved correspond to a minimum of VP accumulated each month as showed below.
  • You can decide the growth pace of your downline. Es.: 1 new rank per year? 1 new rank per month?

QUESTIONS: “how could I build from scratch, in 7 years from now, a nice income of over $150 000 per year? Would it be possible to achieve the same goal in much less time, let’s say 7 months?”

THE PLAN IS THE ANSWER: here is the plan YOU have to follow AND teach to YOUR 5 BEST PSAs:

  • 1st month you qualify as EA with minimum 1500 VP
  • 2nd month you qualify as BTL with minimum 3000 VP
  • 3rd month you qualify as STL minimum 4000 VP
  • 4th month you qualify as GTL with minimum 5000 VP
  • 6th month you qualify as PTL with minimum 6000 VP
  • 7th month you qualify as DTL with minimum 1500 VP (and 5 PTL)

(if one month per step is not doable for you, you can swap the word “month” with the word “year”).

NOTE: I became PTL in my second month. Many other SFI Affiliates did the same. Hence no doubt the above is potentially doable.


  • Each EA  in your downline worths minimum 1500 VP = $0.6
  • Each BTL in your downline worths minimum 3000 VP = $1.2
  • Each STL in your downline worths minimum 4000 VP = $1.6
  • Each GTL in your downline worths minimum 5000 VP = $2.0
  • Each PTL in your downline worths minimum 6000 VP = $2.4
  • Each DTL in your downline worths minimum 1500 VP = $0.6


Based on the maths above, each person who follow and ideally complete THE PLAN shown above in 7 months, duplicating ideally one generation per month (or year), will enjoy the following minimum income:

1st 5 DTL 1500 7500 3$
2nd 25 PTL 6000 150 000 60$
3rd 125 GTL 5000 625 000 250$
4th 625 STL 4000 2 500 000 1 000$
5th 3 125 BTL 3000 9 375 000 3 750$
6th 15 625 EA2 1500 23 437 500 9 375$ YEARLY INCOME
TOTAL: 36 095 000 14 438$ 173 256$


If you know that your goal is to find those 5 Serious affiliates with whom you will build your (and their) financial future, these are the best things you should do daily (follow the links for more explanation):

1) Keep sponsoring new affiliates (s-Builder, PSAtoGo, Bid&Build Program, PSAs auctions, Team’s Co-op, are excellent ways to get easily all the PSAs you need for THE PLAN).
2) Follow them up
3) Discover the blooming workers
4) Teach them to do the same


Obviously, the plan explained in this way doesn’t represent a promise of earnings; it is a simple and clear plan everybody can follow in order to achieve a realistic and tangible income goal, based on facts and maths.

So, if you want to earn that specific income, you know exactly what kind of situation you have to create. It’s clear that the income shown above can keep growing with no limits as we earn up to 12th generations, not only the 6!lavoro-intelligente

If we could also have a special report, showing in real-time how our downline and income is growing every day, based on THE PLAN as explained above, it would be fantastic and even more motivating! Maybe our President will probably consider this in the future. Who knows? 🙂

Who is not willing to work day and night to achieve such a good income? Do you know any other plan which allows you to achieve the same kind of goal without having to invest big capitals?

Of course, if you guys don’t agree with these figures or you see some misinterpretation, feel free to post your comments.

Happy business!  : )

Be happy and you will prosper!

Dear SFI Teammates,

Thanks to each one of you guys, my SFI Business in 2014 has just been great. It will be even better in 2015 only if YOUR personal SFI business and income will increase Fab-Athensmonth after month.

So you can easily understand why in 2015 I will have one and only priority: to support each one of you (I mean the serious and motivated ones) to build a solid stream of passive income, in order to achieve the lifestyle you deserve and dream of.

But of course, the results you deserve depend exclusively on you, on your faith, persistency and burning desire. If you feel you don t have these three essential assets of your entrepreneurial status, probably you’d better try to look for a 9-to-5 job as an employee or similar, and forget your dreams about becoming wealthy and free through this kind of business.

If today I can consider myself a successful SFI Affiliate, with an even brighter future ahead, it’s just because since the day I signed up, I understood SFI was the right and only vehicle to use to achieve my financial freedom by helping thousands of people worldwide to do the same.

That’s my contribution to make the world a better place. It’s thanks to this clear mission I New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background
had since the beginning, that I could work at SFI day and night with great enthusiasm, while having a lot of fun. The financial rewards I got, are just the natural consequence.

And this is what I wish you for 2015 and the years to come: find in your soul the real purpose of your life, that mission which will empower you to pursue your dreams with the same joy, enthusiasm and passion.

Be happy and you will prosper!


How to help people you care about


I love our business because as SFI Affiliates, the entire world is our market.

banner449Each one of us can easily build a profitable downline with thousands of people from the 5 continents. So, of course no needs to bother friends and family if we don’t want to.

Nevertheless, many of us may have a big contact list with people potentially interested in saving money or making money online. So, no reason to exclude people you care about, from the opportunities offered by SFI and TripleClicks.

I think one of the best and easiest way to inform all of them, is using the wonderful e-Cards available at our Marketing Center.banner432

You just have to choose the card you prefer, add your recipients, a few words if you want, and send it! It’s completely FREE.

You can send up to 10 E-cards per day, it means 300 E-cards per month, 3600 per year!

So, if for instance you have a mailing list with 100 people, you can send 3 different E-cards per month to each one of them.

Do it until they signup or ask to be removed from your mailing list.

Make of this one of your daily tasks. It takes just a few minutes and it could be very beneficial for you and for all your recipients.

Have fun!

no-spamBE CAREFUL!: as outlined in the SFI Affiliate Agreement, SFI maintains a ZERO tolerance policy towards the sending of SPAM (

We’d better do the right thing now!


Sometimes in this kind of business, we can have moments were our faith about Fab-Athensbecoming successful become really thin. That’s part of our job and it will always be like that, at least until your monthly income will start to be really significant.

But overcoming these bad moments it’s what really makes the difference between successful entrepreneurs and the mass of unsuccessful quitters.

Who are the majority of people worldwide.

Being a winner or a quitter only depends on each one of us. We are the only one responsible for our own success. In a business based on being the good example and starting the duplication process, the actions we do today are the ones our team will do tomorrow.

Confirming our EA or TL status each month is just one little step towards our success, as well as losing our rank is a little but secure step towards our failure.

Bear in mind that how good or bad our life will be in the future, it will depends on the decision and actions we take every day. That’s why we’d better do the right thing now! ; )

tcreditsIf you need ideas on how to confirm your Rank this month, click here.

Also, bear in mind you can easily get 1500 VP and qualify instantaneously as EA, placing an order for a 125 TCredits pack.


Bid & Build: nothing like this has been invented before


Fellow SFI Affiliates,

I just realised many of you are not perfectly aware of the new program launched a few IMG_6051days ago by our President Gery Carson.

I’m talking about the Bid & Build Program!

I truly think it’s one of the most revolutionary things ever invented in the Network Marketing industry. It’s the realisation of the dream of all professional Networkers, which consolidates SFI’s worldwide NM leading position even more.


Network Marketing success is based on three fundamental aspects. Without these three aspects in place, you will never earn a significant income with your NM business:

1) personal use of products and services offered by the NM Company.
2) recruitment of some serious personal affiliates
3) ongoing duplication of the two points above

The Bid & Build program is a FANTASTIC incentive for all of us to keep using the CostruttoriCompany’s product (TCredits), while we automatically see new Personal Sponsored Affiliates dropping into our frontline in a way that 100% of people worldwide are able to duplicate.

Isn’t it fantastic?

How can this be possible? It’s very easily explained:

  1. Now our TCredits are always well spent: when the Bid & Build Program was not in place, many of us felt a bit frustrated after having spent TCredits on a Pricebenders auction without winning it. Not longer, as now each bid we make is a credit earned, which will make buying and spending tCredits more fun. This will obviously result in much higher commissions for everybody.
  2. Now each time we bid and accumulate 50 TCredits, we automatically get 1 PSA to help build our SFI Business!
  3. Now there are no excuses: everybody is able to recruit Affiliates worldwide simply using one finger to click! And, more importantly, all your new Affiliates are able to duplicate this process infinitely.

All this means that you, just like a Professional Networker, could see your team and your monthly income growing up, month after month, as the automatic consequence of the fact that people use happily the Company (TripleClicks) products.

But of course, as usual, the duplication process can only start and keep going, if we personally give the good example to our team.

bid&buildDon’t expect your team to carry out actions that you don’t personally do.

During this first 30 Days of the B&B test period, there is a limit of 2 PSAs per day we can earn. We all hope this limit will be removed soon. But it depends on how popular this program will be among all of us.

So let’s show with facts to our President, that we love the program but we don’t like very much this limit!!! How can we do that?

Very simply: let’s just use the program now as much as possible! Let’s bid like crazy on the every day auctions! 🙂

Read all about B&B Program here.

Bid, have fun and enjoy your success!

Fabrizio Perotti – SFI PTL