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Fabrizio Perotti

Fabrizio Perotti, pictured here, is a 49 year old Ski Instructor and entrepreneur with 3 children. Fabrizio currently lives in Paris, France. His work experience background also includes the fur trade and coffee industry.

Fabrizio says, “My personal choices have always been determined by the constant desire of freedom. I understood that, for a normal person, freedom means having free time together with the financial means to enjoy it.” He became involved in Network Marketing for the first time in 1998. Fabrizio understood that Network Marketing was the means to meet his personal goal of financial freedom. Unfortunately, his first Network Marketing experience was not a good one, but his faith in Network Marketing was

Fabrizio Perotti Internet Worker

Fabrizio Perotti interviewed during an online business promoting event in Italy.

strong and he believed in the system. He says, “I had just chosen to become involved with the wrong company.” So, from September 2000 to January 2001, Fabrizio spent five months researching to select a company that would satisfy all of his personal criteria and that represented to him “the best opportunity in the world”. Fabrizio says, “I had the time to do it, so why not? This hard work lead me to start from zero a new business with an american Company on January 31, 2001. “

In just a few months Fabrizio achieved the top rank in that new company, in which he kept working for almost 12 years.

The burning desire of living changes and new experiences has always led his life. So, in November 2012 he decided to leave his active role in that company and start from zero a new challenge with SFI.

A new exciting story has started..stay tuned!

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18 thoughts on “About Fab

  1. i read about Fabrizio I empress and apreciate Fabrizio determination same as me i dont now about internet very well because I try to starting work on internet my English is not good I look SFI on internet and wants work with it i will slowiy slowly understand about SFI and take part with it work

  2. Hello Mr. Giuseppe & Mr. Fabrizio , Almighty bless you both partners!

    I know both of you are doing much more hard work, find you almost whole night to work for your business, I’m very much impressed with both of you!!!

    I have just created a free website of mine to advertise TripleClicks.com sales, and as well as SFI business; please help me improve, if you find some time to visit the said site, I shall remain thankful for appreciations!

  3. Thank you Fabrizio, for showing everyone your passion for SFI – I too have tried other online business “scams” before finding SFI and the wonderful opportunity it offers :). Thank you also for teaching me specifically your Ultimate 3 Steps programme (via the Webinar). I have only been with SFI since 16th Jan 2013 and already I am at double your suggested target for commission for the first month 🙂 – I am so excited about the opportunity SFI gives to everyone – and have put in place the DUPLICATION process and I certainly have the will and where-withall to PERSEVER and totally believe my business will provide myself and my family the financial freedom we desire and deserve.

  4. Hi Fabrizio
    I can relate to your story and hopefully I could achieve the same result as what you have achieve. Your story is really inspirational.

  5. Hi Fabrizio,

    Thank you for sharing your story, I can relate as well. I have been part of other programs, only to find myself scammed or having to click ads to earn pennies.

    Your story is very motivational to thrive to do better 🙂

  6. Hi Fabrizio
    Thank you very much for his video insight. I have been two months with SFI and I must say I am dertemined to make this business work for me. I love it very much and I am doing everything I can to stick it out matter what. I really like your 3Step to success method I think it will work for me, at the moment I have inactive affiliates, I believe as you say serious affiliates and I hope I to attract those in good time. I am inspired by your story ,can you share some other ways get serious affiliates. I see this business as changing many lives only if more people can see the worthiness of it,everyone can make a difference and have the freedom that we want.
    Please share with us how we can also create a link like yours ,to somehow have like a website kind of like this one of yours to use for telling our stories too etc and be able to share the link too with new Affilaites also, its very good and I belive it can work for many of us as SFI Affiliates to improve our businesses.Please email me more information,I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you again

  7. hola fabrizio:
    gracias por compartir su historia estoy muy impresionada, agradecería sus consejos la verdad es la primera ves que me animo a trabajar por este medio por Internet. soy una persona muy responsable y dispuesta a aprender y dar todo de mi. voy a necesitar mucho de su ayuda estoy muy emocionada por la oportunidad de unirme a sfi. necesito saber mas de sfi gracias.

  8. Hello
    Im proud of you Fabrizio for your chalange and congrates you for your sucsess
    i wish to be like you in one day spesially that i cant reach a good vacancy to work till now and i have a big time to do somthing and gain money so i desided to work as SFI affliate , sometimes i feel that is a difficult way to understand this work but i have a chalange to do and sucsses

    Many thanks

  9. Thanks for the encouragement Fab……you are really an inspiration. My only challenge is how to advertise. I have purchased a few affiliates from different coops but most decide to stay inactive. This is quite demotivating, but thanks for keeping us encouraged. No quitting no matter what.

    Best regards,

  10. Fab, Good job help me get started here in Charlotte, NC I just sign up and waiting to here from you. I know we are on different Times Zones so reply asap.

    Be Bless


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