12-month Plan

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1st part Video: “SFI 12-month Plan to financial freedom”: our shortcut to Success with SFI (English version)

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2nd part Video: The 12-month Plan BOOSTER. “How to build a 200k Passive Income AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, using a strategy based on facts and actual figures.” (English version)

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The 3-Step Plan Video: il cammino del successo con SFI (versione italiana)

Nota importante: uno degli esempi che hai visto in questo video, prendeva in considerazione IAHBE. Poiché IAHBE é stato recentemente reso indisponibile, puoi considerare per gli stessi fini altri servizi o prodotti come il TCredits-125 pack, il quale ti garantisce lo stesso valore di VP.

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222 thoughts on “12-month Plan

  1. Great!

    More clearly and accurately in order to understand how to work a new affiliate. Of course you must have faith and be very careful in the early stages of the business.

  2. Excellent!! Must say that you have a very charming English accent:-)
    Thank you for this video! I will share the link with all newcommers and eventually make my own.

  3. Thank you for that, it was informative and well put together, I’m pleased I’m involved with SFI and will be doing my best.

  4. Fabrizio, This is a truly remarkable piece of learning that can be shared with other associates and downlines and is bound to get them to take their business seriously. Thanks.

  5. Basic steps, how to act within the SFI to achieve
    great success, given in very clear and lightful way.
    Wonderfully presented film of what we affiliates had
    only faint and pale idea.

  6. Thanks Fabrizio for showing us the path to success and the magic formula to follow in order to create the duplication that is required to achieve this.

  7. Hi Fab.

    Thank you very much for your Video, it is a great one.
    It’s the kind of information we have to know.


  8. Hi FAB.
    Thank you very much for your Video, it is a great one.
    It’s the kind of information we have to know.

    My best regards,

  9. Thanks a lot for this video. This is exactly what I was thinking to do for my team. Reading the email messages can sometimes just be just boring for some people – The video does it all.
    Great job!

  10. Hi FAB

    It’s a wonderful video that I have never seen before since it can teach and lead to success .I will be permenently connected to this useful link .


  11. Dear Fabrizio,

    Thank you very much for posting this wonderful and helpful video for us. I believe this is the easiest shortcut to succeed in the SFI. I surely will follow these steps.

    Wish you further success and all the best in all areas of your life,

  12. I have gone through a 3-step plan and enjoyed it very much for an AFF like me and I would like to thank you for video lesson. I believe that it will continue until we have a BETTER knowledge of SFI Basics.
    Thank You

  13. Thank you so much Fabrizio! That was truly remarkable! A very solid one I can say! I can use this and share it with others,again thank you for sharing all of this for us!

  14. Cette video est vraiment genial j´imerais avoir cette video en version francais meme si je ne compreds pas tout les details il m´aide quand meme a faire des efforts.

  15. Nothing can be more informative than watching and understanding the 3 steps to Success with SFI as shown in the video. Thank you for sharing.

  16. This is a truly remarkable video of learning that can be shared with new affiliates and others to assure them of great success in doing business with SFI is really good. I will do well to get used to this.Thanks you.

  17. yes i enjoyed watch the video,, and I’m happy as a part of this global networking to earn money..great SFI..

  18. This 3 step plan video is a very powerful tool in helping SFI affiliates become successful in this business online..It really connects to affiliates..

  19. Good Job

    Thanks for sharing this with us. You make it seem more interesting and easy. I hope to be smiling all the way to the bank it 6 months time after following your advice.

    Thank you.

  20. Fabrizio,
    The presentation is excellent for all those who dedicate themselves to achieving their goals. It appears simple and is difficult, BUT, not impossible. Getting there may take longer than 6 months, but it is achievable, and that is motivation enough for me. Thanks for all the inspiration, and the explanations of the VP’s role in shaping our income streams.

  21. It was worth. Besides many valuable knowledge, you informed us the difference between Pyramid scheme and Network marketing. Pyramid scheme is illegal in most countries and money comes from new fees, whereas network marketing is legal an money comes from sharing legal products/services.

  22. Hie Fab
    This video was trully an eye – opener.I have been with SFI for a month reading and absorbing loads of information and still did not know my next step.This video summarised my efforts.Thanx a lot Fab.

  23. HI,



  24. Awesome video and I can understand and see what is happening. Great Job Love It and will work with my affiliates and save this program. Thanks

  25. SFI
    I can understand. Great Job Love It and will work with my affiliates and good this program. Thanks
    best regards
    Shahbaz Hussain
    my cell: 0092 321 2360810

  26. Very instructive and educative. I hope by following these 3-Steps Plan carefully, and doing accordingly, one can dream of a better and a brighter future, in SFI.

  27. Hi
    After watching this video, i have a clear vision and understanding of how to grow my business and income.
    Thank you so much.

  28. Soy de Colombia y mi Idioma es Español quiero saber que posibilidad tengo de ver los vídeos en Español. el texto tengo la posibilidad de traducción.
    no manejo el ingles a perfección

  29. Iam lot of thanks for you and your presentation of 3-STEP PLAN VIDEO ,which are given for all Affiliates become successful buisness online,also gained good income and VP ect. in a short period.

  30. Thank you so much for this wonderful video, This is actually help the people those who wants make more money. This is good opportunity for learn and earn

  31. Hello Mr. Perotte,

    Nice video for the three steps of SFI. I will encourage my friends to join this instead of doings things without nothing to come. Thank you…

  32. Kudos! Excellent video which made it so easy to understand the basics of making this business opportunity successful. Thanks so much for sharing.
    See you at the top very soon!!!

  33. Hi,
    thanks for that photo actually it motivates me and others who wish to make more money to work hard, Its cool.

  34. Thank u very much for your video, is very useful to us, without knowing any thing i stating your business,i have no any idea, but also i will try my best

  35. Thank u very much for your video, is very useful to us, without knowing any thing i stating this business,i have no any idea, but also i will try my best, this is help people to make money

  36. this is really an amazing video quiet easy to understand. I like this video. i want to connect u personally through facebook or e-mail. please reply me.

  37. Awesome no words to express, just doing simple things we can earn up to $15000 every month!!! Great!!!

    Thanks for the great video.
    Best Regards.

  38. Hi Fab! I got to get this page by clicking on one of my CSA’s sponsor and it turned out to be you. I just saw this video link in your “Best Tip” space..This is an awesome video and your are an AWESOME sponsor too. It really helps the new Affiliates as well as the experienced EAs and Team leaders too to make them retain their positions if not advanced.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful video.

    My best regards,

  39. I just saw this video link in your “Best Tip” space..This is an awesome video and your are an AWESOME sponsor too. It really helps the new Affiliates as well as the experienced EAs and Team leaders too to make them retain their positions if not advanced.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful video.
    I now have a new plan I can focus on. Thanks again,

  40. Thank you, Fabrizio, for the opportunity to watch it again and get the words in my head. I want to purchase both items you suggested, and I will work toward that because I really think it would help.

  41. I seen Mr.Elisa Giannitelli comment regarding 3step plan video ,i yesterday practices on all mention in video,successful in some activities and some still too problem due to i have any paying cards because SFI not issue any card for my payment.This protect me from purchase any TripleClicks or IAHBE ,ect.

  42. hi fab,
    wow excellent video am very proud to be in sfi,where was it when i was starting the business coz know i have understand the road to success in a simple way.once again thank you a lot am great full,be blessed

  43. Todo resulta MUY interesante y apetecible. Quizá el único problema es que todo es en Ingles, y para los que no dominamos esa lengua, todo es un poco más complicado.
    Por lo demás, paciencia y poco a poco, sin prisa pero sin pausa.

  44. Thx Fabrizio!

    I did get myself the 2 Standing Orders! And 24 hours afterwards 30 Affiliates came in into my down line. Now just to get duplication going!

    I am very impressed by how many people you enroll and your status in SFI!

    You motivate me

    Thx for that


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  46. Thank you so much for this video. as a new affiliate I felt a bit lost in the overwhelming feeling that I could be successful at an early age. You made the whole process much easier to understand in 13 minutes!
    thank you again.

    … watch this space 🙂

  47. Great video! It’s great for beginners as well as experienced affiliates to stay motivated and to remember the path to our success.

    Thank you very much for sharing this video


  48. Well done presentation. Watching the video gives me the clear picture of it. Thank you guys for helping us new SFI members. I’m getting there. Thanks again.

  49. Thanks for the information. I had been trying so hard, but I did not know how to encourage my affiliates. This information will help me alot. Thank you.

  50. I am extending my grateful thanks Sir. The video is really informative and mind twisting. I hope this will become an eye opener to all affiliates.

    Thank U. Have a nice day.

    • me ha parecido excelente la informacion sobre esta empresa y los metodos que utiliza para lograr el exito lastima que por ser colombiano no hablo ni leo el ingles y por lo tanto no he podido entender los videos que me imagino que es de una informacion enriquecedora para el desempeño del negocio mi pregunta es la siguiente si puedo llegar muy lejos en este negocio sin saber este idioma?

      • Hola Samuel! Yo ingese a SFI este mes y lo que he aprendido es increible… despues de mucho tiempo de busqueda por fin encontre un negocio por internet que realmente genera ingresos… 1.3 millones se han afiliado hasta la fecha y son casi 15 años que tienen de operar asi que dice mucho verdad…mi sugerencia es que consigas a alguien que sea bilingue y afiliate abajo de el para que ambos puedan trabajar juntos… el beneficio de tu amigo sera que si tu triunfas, el triunfara tambien… si realmente quieres prosperar enormemente…este es el camino correcto…

  51. Hi, dear Fernandes,
    Now a days, you are No.1, in SFI,
    How did you clinch this, from NIL ?
    what strategies you put ?
    please help me ?

    C M

  52. Вебинары для меня не доступны к пониманию так как английским языком владею поверхностно может есть ссылки на русскоязычное видео . Буду очень признателен .

  53. Estoy de acuerdo. Debieran hacer la traducción para los hispano parlantes, aun que fuese con subtitulo estaría bien. Ojala que a futuro sea considerado.

    Buen video

  54. Yes, this is amazing! I’ve always wanted a presentation like this one for me and my SFI team. Today I got it, thank you very much.

  55. Este vídeo nos permite aprender más sobre SFI, como lograr el éxito y sobretodo aprovechar la experiencia de alguien como Fabrizio.

  56. wow !! This video is the most mindblowing which we new affiliates needs!Hi, dear Fabrizio,
    Now a days, you are No.1, in SFI,
    How did you do all this?
    what strategies you put ?
    please help me ? take me to the same path & let me income !!
    warm regards !! santosh

  57. Awesome video to sponsor New and even for existing affiliates. I will be spreading the message and this link to all my future affiliates to join, learn and earn with SFI. Thank you again.

  58. Thanks Fabrizio!! After watching your presentation I feel that I have a clear path on how to proceed on my SFI business! Great tool for my PSAs and CSAs!!!!

  59. Yo estoy igual que tu. Soy de Argentina y no entiendo el ingles o italiano hablado, Que se podrá hacer? Soy nueva y temerosa porque me han estafado muchas veces no quiero que sea esta la siguiente.Gracias

  60. Hello Fab, Thanks for the instructions. You have a great video that helps others. I just wished the music in the background was turned either off or way down. Just to let you know I am getting started now. God bless, Linda Wolfe

  61. Я не розумію англійську
    могшли б ви прислати це відео в українському перекладі ?

    З повагою, Дмитро.

  62. Hi Fab,
    Thank you. Your video is an eye opening subject alright. I’m going to share it with my team. Very impressive work.

  63. salut je suis très fiers de travailler avec mon sponsor laura. elle fait un travail très impressionnant.

  64. Hi Fab,
    Such a classic video put together with so easy to understand. I will share this with newbies and even CSA’s.

    Cheers and more success.

  65. Hey Fabrizio love the video brings better perspective and incite to SFI and Tripleclicks and how to make it really work. I will definitely be putting this plan into motion.

  66. Amazingly simple and direct tools for everyone who has the vision; your help to success is most appreciated and one day soon we shall sit together and laugh at our initial fears, while sharing the success of the SFI formula!

  67. Dear Fab,

    Once again you’ve done yourself credit in this second part video. Really great to receive such quick, clear and precise information to be sucessful. I’m truely greatful.

  68. I would love to be part office this financial plan but the challenge is on standing order, and to duplicate the messages to send to a2a

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